Eid-el-Kabir: Nigerians go for cow, camel in Kano market

– as price of ram skyrockets

Barely a week before Eid al-Adha, the price of rams has soared beyond the reach of the common man at major markets in the ancient city of Kano.

Due to the high prices, many people have resolved to contribute money to jointly buy a cow or camel to share and celebrate the festival.

Last year, a ram sold for around N100,000, but this year the price has skyrocketed to N150,000.

During a visit to the popular market at Naibawa, where people came to buy rams, many were disappointed to hear the new prices.

Speaking with Alhaji Muhammad Inuwa, on the high price of ram said, “This year ram are too cost, adding that unlike last year an average ram now sold for N150,000 as against N100,000 last year.

However, at Wudil market, the high price of rams remains the same. An average ram that sold last year for between N80,000 and N120,000 now goes for between N150,000 and N200,000.

Speaking with a ram seller in Dambatta market, Alhaji Yau Suleiman attributed the high prices to the removal of fuel subsidies, which has significantly increased transportation costs. “Unlike last year, transporting a ram now costs double, and whoever is in this business has to add everything together when selling,” he explained.

As a result of the skyrocketing prices, many people in the market have decided to contribute money to jointly buy a cow or camel to share and celebrate the festival.

Alhaji Ibrahim Ahmed, speaking with the correspondent at Dan-Angundi area where cows are sold, said, “This year, four of my friends and I contributed money to buy a cow.”

He added that others have done the same to buy a camel to slaughter during the festival. “Apart from the fact that it is cheaper to buy either a cow or a camel, there is more meat to share after the slaughter,” he said.

Additionally, the prices of pepper, tomatoes, onions, and other ingredients have risen significantly in the market compared to last year, further impacting the cost of celebrating the festival.

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