Crime Within Nigerian Youths

There are different forms of crime being committed on a daily basis in Nigeria ranging from armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, child abuse, murder, burglary, financial crimes, cyber crimes and fraud amongst others. With the advent of covid-19, cyber crime and online fraud has become increasingly rampant.

            The causes of these cannot be tied down to one root as there are many causes of crime and studies have shown that to understand and bring down criminal activities which have been futile as youths engage in crimes for several reasons have to be addressed at those areas. Even with the constant endeavor of the government and security organizations in the country to bring down crime rates, neglect of certain key areas wouldn’t do any good. One of such areas is poverty: Poverty has been seen to be a major cause of crime in the country; economic deprivation plays such role and because people are often driven to great lengths of desperation by poverty, this makes it a major cause of crime.

            Family issues is another major cause; there are a lot of things that can go on in a family that eventually lead people to get into a life of crime. Research has shown that people who are neglected by their families and do not get the love and attention that they desire are also prone to be involved in criminal activities.

            In an attempt to belong or to be accepted by their peers, some youths engage in criminal activities so as to supposedly “measure up” to their peers. Crimes like cultism are often traced to peer pressure. Other causes are the society, where what they’re exposed to conditions their minds towards a life of crime, unemployment and drugs.

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