The CEO of Soft Quest Incorporated (SQI), an institution with software development and ICT consultants, Mr Adeyemi Christopher Aderinto has described technology as the future of the Nigeria. Aderinto declared this during a chat with our correspondent in Oyo State, saying the future of this country rests on technology. According to him, “Nigeria as a nation deserves to be engaged with series of technological techniques, this is the future of our dear nation. I began to study where our future rest on being an expert, I have come to understand the fact that this country can’t move forward without the concept of technological advancement”.

Stressing further about the institution, Aderinto maintained that ICT Consultants is an umbrella organisation for both SQI College of ICT and SQI ICT Solutions. “We provide technological solution for automation of organizations anywhere you want it. We organize IOT for the training arm of the organization and we have a college where we have both the certification and academic degrees. Our institution have been able to engage in businesses and projects with some institutions, Oil and Gas company but majorly in software management which is created by us at Soft Quest Incorporated (SQI)”

“For instance, we have the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso using the Software since 2014 that is automated with  their academic application and also functions like payroll. We have some other schools, Baptist College of Theology in Oyo, Bowen University Teaching Hospital, the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti and others making use of our applications”.

“Nigeria as a nation has a rampant unemployment problems among our youth. The rate of unemployment is getting higher on daily basis not to talk of insecurity. In fact, some are of the opinions that Nigeria’s security architecture has collapsed totally. Our  government has been empowering youths with motorcycle, grinding machines, etc forgetting the fact that we can only develop through technological advancement”. “Some things remain our motivations till today, Nigeria is still virgin in the area of technological advancement, when you want to look at the future of Nigeria, you consider where and how some nations developed and relate with where Nigeria will be in the next 10-20 years.

“I began to make my research on how can we make it happen, then I began to realize that we are so far from this technological advancements. Any product of technology you see will carry something like made in Italy, USA, made in Japan, all these products are part of my motivation techniques that must change this country through our technological research and implementations”, he stated.

“When we talk about skills and creativity, our students lead team in countries like Texas, USA. As our culture and other things shaped our minds, that is why we tend to work both not just the skill but also on the mind, renewing the mind of students that comes around here and letting them know what it takes to become as big as that and what it takes to be able to compete with the global Community”. 

In extending word of encouragement to parents, Aderinto affirmed that parents should discover that records brings past memories in the days of our fore fathers, there was this sensitisation about education, not just to make money but to learn, practice and gain from technological advancements of this time.


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