Agricultural development, my top priority if elected-Abiodun

Folake Idowu

Ogun State governorship candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) Prince Dapo Abiodun has declared that he has plans to turn around the agricultural sector with at least one new mechanised farm settlement in each of the three senatorial districts all in a bit not only to achieve food sufficiency but also be able to feed the nation within his first term of four years in office.

Prince Dapo Abiodun has also promised to run an accountable, responsible and transparent government where the state resources would be judiciously used to serve every part of the state

Prince Abiodun stated this at a stakeholders meeting held at his Iperu country home to intimate the public and party leaders across the state of his plans and policies if elected as governor of Ogun state next year.

The meeting had in attendance the deputy governorship candidate, Engr Noimot Salako-Oyedele as well as prominent leaders of the party in the state such as Prince Segun Adesegun, former deputy governor of the state, Sen Gbenga Kaka, former deputy governor of the state, Hon Olakunle Oluomo, Deputy Speaker, House of Assembly, caretaker chairman of the party, Chief Yemi Sanusi, Chief David Abiodun Ajayi, a political leader from Sagamu, Hon Taofeek Buraimo, former. federal lawmaker representing Remo federal constituency, Alhaji Semiu Babatunde, former Chairman, Ifo local government among others.

Promising to deploy his wealth of experience in the private sector to create an enabling environment for the state to flourish and be more prosperous, the billionaire oil merchant said that agriculture being one of his biggest priorities for the state would witness heavy investment such that within his first year in office, the state would have achieved food sufficiency after which it would began to feed the nation.

He said ”we are really going to do a lot in agriculture even if it will be public private partnership. We are establishing three new mechanised farm settlement one each at our three senatorial districts. We are doing open farming and green farming. Our agricultural produce will be given lots of value chain, I am sure under my watch, within my first year we should be able to feed ourselves in the state and then other States in the country

The governorship candidate who also doubles as the Chairman, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) revealed that his administration would also invest heavily on rural roads consolidating on the achievements of the outgoing government on infrastructure except that he won’t go spree on demolition of people’s properties in the name of providing roads.

He explained that “except for safety or where we have flooding problems, we won’t demolish anybody’s house because we know that our people abhor things like this, so we will try to avoid this”.

Abiodun also promised to invest massively in education and health saying that it was about time the people enjoyed qualitative education and affordable health care services. He disclosed further that while dilapidated schools would be rehabilitated, his government would also spared no effort to ensure that communities and towns in need of new schools have their request attended to.

Prince Abiodun said that three medical care of excellence, one each at three senatorial districts of the state would also be established to make health care services more closer and accessible to people.

As one of the panaceas to fighting unemployment, the oil merchant also promised to establish skills acquisition centres across the state to serve as breeding ground for highly trained artisans and entrepreneur who also in turn would be creators of jobs.

The APC governorship candidate also promised the civil servants prompt payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities as and when due among other welfare packages promising never to tamper with cooperative or any other deductions belonging to the workers.

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