I’m ready to be loved, TolaniBaj cries out

Reality TV star TolaniBaj has expressed readiness for a romantic relationship, lamenting her difficulty in finding love.

On the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, she humorously described herself as a missing rib, wondering how her ideal partner can survive without her.

She emphasised her desire for genuine love, stating that she’s beautiful, game-free, and eager to be loved.

TolaniBaj dismissed the need for strategic searching, hoping that her perfect match will find her naturally.

“I don’t understand how my man is out there like your missing rib is still missing. I’m your rib. How are you surviving without your missing rib? You’ve peace of mind, you can sleep without your missing rib? I’m tired, I’m ready to complete you,” she said.

Abebe asked, “Are you sure that you’re putting yourself out there strategically?”

Tolanibaj replied: “I don’t care about strategy. This is the thing about Lagos. That’s why I said Lagos is dirty. Why do I’ve to be strategic? Why can’t a man just see me and say this is her, this is my rib that I’ve been looking for?

“I’m beautiful, I don’t play games. I’m ready to be loved. I pray that in season 3 of this podcast my missing rib would have found me.”

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