PDP era remains glorious days of Nigeria – Anambra chairman

The Anambra State chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Chigozie Igwe has lamented the economic situation of the country, saying that the era of PDP had remained the glorious days of Nigeria as a democratic nation.

Speaking during a rally in Awka, which was the first outing of PDP since the 2023 general elections, Igwe said measures were being put in place to reposition and return the party to winning ways.

He said: “PDP was structured by the founding fathers in a democratic pattern that entrusted ownership to the people. The party became a bastion of hope and accomplishment for transition of governance from a devastating long period of military rule to the painstaking establishment and deepening of democratic norms, structures and institutions, on assumption of power by PDP in 1999.

“Sadly, while the Nigeria’s glorious journey was halted in 2015 by a deceitful propaganda machinery of the APC which has, as at today, only succeeded in pummeling Nigerians into unimaginable dungeon of calamities and extreme hunger, the trajectory of development and progress already set by successive PDP government in Anambra State was earlier abruptly interrupted in 2006 by an APGA government which, after 18 years of poor governance, left Anambra State resplendent with very little to show for the huge resources it has received so far.
“The federal allocations to the state, the twenty one local government areas of the state and recently, its share of 13% derivation from oil revenues, are poorly managed. This is not excluding the increased Internally Generated Revenues (IGR) of the state.

“The nightmares currently being experienced by the people of Anambra state have been further exacerbated by serious insecurity, coupled with stagnation of all shades of developmental activities that are anchored on democratic values, as a result of the refusal of the APGA government to conduct local government elections.

“So today, our people are desperate to survive and they are looking up to PDP as the only alternative to the current bad governance in Nigeria and Anambra state”

He said that although it is obvious that the morale of PDP members was low because of the devastating effect of a bad outing in the last election, there is evidence, going by the enthusiasm of members, that the party has bounced back.

According to him, several members of the party that left earlier have returned, while new members are also trouping in because they could see that Anambra PDP has re-invented itself and is poised to shoulder the emancipation of the state in 2025.

“We centred the cardinal objectives of our operation on 3Rs (Re-awaken, Restore and Reposition) and have imbibed truth and justice as the watchword inorder to achieve a remodeled party that will be cohesive in purpose and efficient in delivery.

“We have continued to reach out to our stakeholders in a reconciliatory manner. The co-operation and positive outcomes so far have been massive.

“In the same vein, we have visited and reconciled several local government areas where there were disputes and made sure that all our structures are intact.

“At the ward level, the machinery that we set up are also working in conformity with our purpose and the feedbacks are heartwarming.

“The primary goal of our great party is to win future elections upon which we can implement our manifestos for the betterment of our people”, Igwe said.

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