Special Marshall warns car owners against covering number plates

Car owners in Bauchi State have been reminded that covering of number plates of their cars is a violation of the traffic laws and regulations of the country.

The reminder was made by members of the Special Marshall of the Bauchi State Sector Command of the Federal Roads Safety Commission (FRSC) during their monthly meeting for June held on Saturday.

The Special Marshall observed with dismay the way and manner such car owners, particularly political officeholders and aides of political officeholders, violate traffic rules as though they are above the law of the country.

They therefore resolved to, in collaboration with the Regular Marshal, clamp down on all defaulters as is enshrined in the relevant traffic regulations of the country.

The Special Marshall members wondered why someone would choose to cover the number plates of his/her car while even the Governor does not do so.

“The people indulging in such acts of disobedience to traffic regulation are therefore ured to stop or will be made to face the full wrath of the law when apprehended.”

The Special Marshall members also warned that from now on, its focus will be on covered number plates during the weekly patrol calling on the people to cooperate.

Deputy State Coordinator of the Special Marshall, Godwin Obioha, who presided over the meeting, commended the members for their cooperation, urging them to keep up the tempo even though it is a selfless service for the good of the society.

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