Ondo 2024: Marindoti seeks massive protection for political members

The Lucky Aiyedatiwa Campaign Organisation Foot Soldiers Independent Council (LACO-FSIC) on Sunday expressed deep concern for the safety of campaigners under its aegis, following the gruesome murder of its Ward 10 Coordinator in Supare, Akoko Southwest Local council of Ondo State, Mr. Alaba Abe Excel.

Excel was shot dead Saturday night in his Supare hometown by unknown gunmen.

In a statement issued by its Director of Contact and Engagement, Dr. Marindoti Oludare, the group contended that the incident, traceable to hecks by some disgruntled aspirants over the victory of Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa in the recent governorship primary election, “has darkened the nation’s character, with the stain of blood”.

Oludaret stated, “It is with a heavy heart and profound sorrow that I, Charles Marindoti Oludare, on behalf of the Lucky Aiyedatiwa Campaign Organisation, condemn in the strongest terms, the brutal and senseless murder of Alaba Abe Edel, a distinguished and dedicated member of our team.

“This heinous act not only robs us of a valued colleague and friend but also darkens our nation’s character with the stain of violence.”

He observed, stating “the tragic event underscored a disturbing trend that has emerged following the primary election, which Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa rightfully won.

“The lack of good faith and sportsmanship by those who lost has escalated beyond mere political rivalry into a realm where human lives are now at risk, and it is a clear manifestation of the dangerous consequences resulting from their inability to accept defeat gracefully.

He thus reiterated his call on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and members of the National Assembly, to revisit and amend the country’s constitution to allow states to establish their own police forces, a practice efficiently managed by regions before it was disrupted by the military coup of 1966.

“The absence of local security decisions and the inability to respond swiftly to threats within our communities have significantly contributed to the current spike in insecurity across Nigeria.

“We vividly recall the distressing kidnapping of HRM Oba Olu Falae on his 77th birthday in 2015, a scenario that gripped the entire state with fear.

“Had we been equipped with state police, the local populace would have rallied to protect one of its esteemed leaders, ensuring his safety and security. No one would go to their bed until HRM Oba Olu Falae return to his own bed.

He said the necessity for state policing could not be overstated, as it represented not only a mechanism for enhancing local governance but also for ensuring that our communities remain bastions of safety and peace.

“Furthermore, I urge President Tinubu to view the reservations expressed by the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force, Kayode Egbetokun, against the backdrop of his long tenure within an institution that has struggled with inefficiency and lawlessness.

“His (IG’s) perspective while valuable, is undoubtedly shaped by his experiences within a system fraught with lawlessness. A reformed state police, will be governed by the rule of law and potentially accountable directly to the electorate, would signify a transformative step towards effective local law enforcement.

“Without the empowerment of local policing bodies, the grim shadows of insecurity, banditry, terrorism, and kidnapping will continue to loom large over our nation. The perpetrators of Alaba Abe Edel’s murder acted with the cold calculation that they would face no immediate repercussions—an assumption made possible by an overwhelmed and distant federal police force.

“Let this moment be a turning point for our country. We must commit to a path that allows for the protection of our citizens, the accountability of our leaders, and the preservation of our democratic values. Only through local empowerment and decisive governance will we prevent such tragedies in the future and ensure that no Nigerian must suffer as Alaba Abe Edel did.

“We will not rest until justice is served, and we will tirelessly advocate for the reforms necessary to safeguard all members of our society, Oludare counselled.


– Kayode Fasua, State Information Director, LACO-FSIC

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