APC Poland Coordinator, Ayoola berates those behind invasion of Oyo govt secretariat

The All Progressives Congress Poland coordinator, Omooba Adekunle Ayoola on Sunday described those behind the invasion of the Oyo State government secretariat on Saturday as enemies of democracy and the entire Yoruba race.

Ayoola in a statement on Sunday said that it was glaring that the agitators are nothing but fifth columnists who are being sponsored to rubbish the determination of President Bola Tinubu to return the country to the path of progress and prosperity.

The international trade expert based in Poland said that those who think they can be used to start a needless insurrection in the South-West should just know that such wicked plan is dead on arrival as all attempts to derail President Tinubu’s renew hope agenda would be stoutly resisted.

Ayoola who also double as the founder of Omooba Obaruwa Foundation said “the invasion of Oyo State government secretariat on Saturday was another sad commentary on our history that stand condemnable and a joke taking too far

“I don’t even want to believe that someone from the South-West could be part of such shenanigans and illegal activities.

“We are shocked to see that some people are allowed to be used for such a dirty job in South West Nigeria, while we are working on building trust among citizens in the South East, North West, South South, North Central and North East.

“This situation reveals that there are individuals who are profiting from our misfortune in Nigeria and South West will not fall for the antics to derail a new and prosperous Nigeria emerging under Bola Ahmed Tinubu leadership.

“Or what else does these set of unpatriotic elements want? The leadership of the country reside now with the South-West and here we have a President who is working round the clock to change the narrative.

“He has a listening ear and he is always willing to accommodate other people’s views as long as it will help in building a virile and prosperous nation. The people from the South-West must be careful and be wary of those groups only out to pursue selfish agenda”.

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