Economy: Nigerians no longer accommodate relatives as cost of living soars

The era where people take in young relatives, raising them along with their children is gradually coming to an end.
The limited purchasing power of every Nigerian at the moment fuels that.

It has reduced living standards and Nigerians are becoming conscious of how they spend their money.
As a result, Nigerians have been sourcing ways to cut the cost of feeding.

Economy and lifestyle discovered that one of such new ways is turning down the adoption or accommodation of close relatives or returning those who had been under their care.

Before now, Nigerians take turns assisting various family members, particularly those with low economic power.

But today, an average family of five can hardly fend for themselves, let alone, adding a relative. Therefore, an additional member to them is like committing suicide.

Mrs. Amanda Odudu, a fashion designer, complained bitterly about how her niece had returned her daughter, who had stayed with them for six years.

“Last month, my niece called, saying that my daughter, who had stayed with them for six years, would be returning home.
“I thought she was joking, not until I saw her at my doorstep the next day.

“My niece’s action was based on her husband’s request who complained bitterly about the state of the economy.

“She noted that she had no job to support her husband which could have made her keep my daughter.
“She had to succumb.”

On her part, Mr Onokoya Samson, a businessman, said his son was returned to him after spending three years with his brother.

“It is still like a dream. I have a family of six.

“My brother was the one who requested I allow my son to live with him so that he can reduce my responsibility.
“My brother just brought my son to the house without informing me.

“He said that he and his family are travelling abroad for greener pastures and have sold all they have to acquire their Visa and flight tickets.

“He has two children and a wife.

“I didn’t blame him but was grateful that he even helped me for three years.

“Now I am faced with an extra responsibility.

“Business is not profiting anymore. But my hope is in God. I believe he will save Nigerians from this horrible situation we have found ourselves in.”

Mrs. Sarah Okwudili, a baker and a widow, lamented how she will now be faced with catering for three children.

According to her, “ After the demise of my husband, his sisters volunteered to take care of two of my kids.

“I agreed. They were taken good care of and attended good schools. If they were with me I won’t be able to afford the fees.
“But as we all know, the country is not smiling at anyone.

“ Recently, they returned my children with the complaint of a bad economy.

“Reasons like increased school fees, rent and low income were given as reasons for returning them.

“I was very sad but had to thank them because it is not easy to take care of children in this economy.

“ People can only allow relatives that are working to stay with them because they won’t have any burden to bear.
“Now I am saddled with the responsibility of taking care of three children.
“I just believe God will surprise me.”

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