You are evil-minded hypocrite, Femi Adebayo’s wife slams Dayo Amusa

Femi Adebayo’s wife, Aduke Omotayo, has fired back at his colleague, Dayo Amusa for dragging her husband after awarding Bobrisky best dressed female at a recent event.

The Nation reported that Bobrisky won the Best Dressed Female award at Eniola Ajao’s movie premiere to the annoyance of many.

Dayo, via her Instagram page, expressed displeasure at the disrespect on the female gender at the premiere, calling on the judges and the organisers stating they were wrong to have named a crossdresser the best dressed female.

She claimed they should have created another category created to appreciate crossdressers, if they wanted her to win.

Reacting to it via her Instagram page, Aduke blasted Dayo Amusa for trying to bring her husband down because he was the one presenting the award to Bobrisky.

Taking to her comment section, Dayo Amusa stated that it is okay for Aduke to defend her husband but throwing banters only shows how shallow-minded she is.

She stated that the actor has to own up, take responsibility for his actions, and do the needful.

Dayo made it known that she isn’t an enemy in disguise as she added that hypocrisy doesn’t exist in her.

Aduke fired back, questioning what damage Dayo was capable of doing.

Now taking to her Instagram page, Aduke called the actress a hypocrite and evil-minded, noting how Dayo had apologised to Femi on the phone and promised to do a video to retract her statement.

Aduke made the actress know that God is bigger than her, as she noted who God has blessed, no one can curse.

“Dayo! You are a hypocrite and evil-minded! Just this morning you were apologising to Femi on the phone.

“You claimed you didn’t mean it the way it was interpreted and that you would do a video to correct that but of course, you lied!
Who God has blessed, No Dayo can curse.
God is bigger than you,” she wrote.

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