Ossai threatens to sue Bobrisky over ‘Best Dressed Female’ Award

The Senior Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Media Mr. Ossai Success, has publicly declared his intention to sue popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, and the producer of the movie “Ajanuku: Beast of Two Worlds” for allegedly promoting transgender.

Taking to Facebook, Ossai lambasted Bobrisky’s recent accolade as the “Best Dressed Female” at the premiere of the said movie, which took place at the Circle Mall in Lekki, Lagos State. His scathing remarks included assertions that Bobrisky belongs in prison rather than on a glamorous red carpet.

“The boy Bobrisky is a negative influence on our youth and has caused so much damage to young Nigerians,” declared Ossai, emphasizing the detrimental impact he believes Bobrisky has had on the impressionable minds of Nigerian youngsters”.

He called for swift government intervention and urged the federal authorities to take action by arresting both Bobrisky and the movie producer for purportedly championing transgender and LGBTQ+ rights, which are prohibited by Nigerian law. He decried the premiere attendees, labeling them as a “disgrace to womanhood” and asserting that the movie should be banned from airing in Nigeria due to its alleged encouragement of transgender identity and LGBTQ+ rights.

“This is the right time for our government to act,” Ossai proclaimed, intensifying the urgency of his demands”.

“As tensions escalate, the spotlight now shifts to the Nigerian government, which faces mounting pressure to address the contentious issue of LGBTQ+ rights within the nation’s borders.

“With voices on both sides of the spectrum clamoring for attention, the outcome of this impassioned dispute remains uncertain, leaving many Nigerians anxiously awaiting the next chapter in this unfolding saga”.

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