Submit returns or face sanctions, CBN warns mortgage bank

The Central Bank of Nigeria has warned all primary mortgage banks in the country regarding the timely submission of regulatory returns.

In a press release issued on its website dated March 5 with reference number FPR/DIR/PUB/LET/001/022, and signed by its Director, Financial Policy and Regulation, Dr. Valentine Ururuka, the CBN expressed dismay over the late and non-rendition of periodic returns related to the Financial Institutions’ Annual reports.

According to CBN, “Primary Mortgage Bank shall be construed as any company that is licensed to carry out primary mortgage banking business in Nigeria.”

The apex bank emphasised that adherence to regulatory guidelines is crucial for maintaining financial stability and transparency within the banking sector.

PMBs play a vital role in the real estate and housing finance industry, and their compliance with reporting requirements is essential for effective oversight.

The CBN reminded all PMBs of the provisions outlined in Section 24 of the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act 2020.

This section specifically addresses the timely rendition of regulatory returns, including the FinA reports.

PMBs are required to submit their monthly FinA returns on or before the 5th day after the month-end.

This deadline ensures that the CBN receives accurate and up-to-date information about the financial health of these institutions.

In cases where the 5th day falls on a weekend or public holiday, PMBs are instructed to submit their returns on the previous workday. This flexibility aims to accommodate any disruptions caused by non-working days.

The CBN issued a strong warning that future breaches of regulatory reporting deadlines will be met with appropriate sanctions.

These sanctions may include fines, restrictions, or other disciplinary measures.

The statement read, “The Central Bank of Nigeria has observed with dismay the late and non-rendition of periodic returns- on FinA by Primary Mortgage Banks.

“All PMBs are therefore reminded of the provisions of Section 24 of the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act 2020, and other extant regulations on timely rendition of regulatory returns.

“Consequently, all PMBs are to ensure that their monthly FinA returns are submitted on or before the 5th day after the month’s end. Where the 5th day falls on a weekend or public holiday, returns shall be submitted the previous work day.

“You are strongly advised to ensure timely rendition of all regulatory returns as future breaches shall be sanctioned.”

The statement added that PMBs encountering technical issues preventing timely submission must promptly notify the CBN via email.

The notification should include evidence of the technical issue to facilitate resolution.

It said, “In case of technical issues, you are required to notify the CBN via email to OFIreturnscbn.qov.nq prior to the deadline, detailing with evidence the technical issue.”

The CBN urges all PMBs to take these guidelines seriously and ensure the timely rendition of all regulatory returns. Failure to comply may have serious consequences for the banks and the overall financial system.

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