Avoid sex or use condoms properly, health experts advice Nigerian youths

Health experts and non-governmental organizations have united to urge Nigerian youths to abstain from unprotected sex, highlighting the role of proper condom use in preventing diseases, particularly cervical cancer.

The call came during the sensitization event in commemoration of International Condom Day, organized by Pathfinder and Education as a Vaccine (EVA) in Abuja.

Deputy Director of Health Education at the FCT Primary Health Care Board, Umeh Chinyere, stressed the critical role of condoms in reducing disease risk.

“We advocate for condom use because adherence to it would significantly reduce diseases, especially cervical cancer,” Mrs. Umeh said.

She emphasized the necessity for government and non-governmental collaboration to spread awareness.

“We are collaborating with various partners because the government cannot address this alone,” she explained.

These organizations play a vital role in reaching out to schools and communities to educate the youth on sexual health.

Bayo Ewuola, Media and Communication Officer at Pathfinder International, pointed out the life-saving aspect of condoms.

“International Condom Day is crucial as it allows us to raise awareness about the importance of both male and female condoms in preventing diseases and unwanted pregnancies,” said Bayo.

He added, “Young people are sexually active, and we cannot ignore this reality. Hence, it’s essential to gather them and educate them on the importance and proper usage of condoms.”

In addition to promoting condom usage, Education as a Vaccine is also taking significant steps to improve health measures against sexually transmitted infections.

“With regards to the HPV vaccine, Education as a Vaccine recently secured a grant for a project aimed at enhancing HPV vaccine uptake,” Bayo explained.

This initiative is expected to bolster national and local immunization efforts, contributing to the broader fight against preventable diseases.

Mercy Abalaku, Program Officer at Education as a Vaccine, also expressed her enthusiasm for the sensitization event, particularly because of the prevalent issue of infidelity.

“Knowing that many engage in extramarital affairs, our role is to encourage condom usage,” she stated.

The event’s focus was a strong reminder that sexual health education and resources like condoms are essential tools in the fight against sexually transmitted diseases and in promoting responsible sexual behavior among Nigeria’s youth.

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