My wife said she no longer loved me, got me arrested, detained, man tells court

Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has heard the testimony of a man, Mutiu, who approached the court for the dissolution of his marriage to his wife, Anjola, on the grounds of aggressiveness and constant fight.

Mutiu stated that Anjola walked out of their marriage after she announced to him that she no longer loved him.

Mutiu thus prayed the court to end their relationship so that he could move on with his life.

He also pleaded for access to their children.

Anjola did not make an appearance in court despite being served court summonses.

Mutiu told the court, “I never found a friend in my wife.

“My wife was distant and unfriendly throughout the time we lived together.

“We hardly sat down to discuss and there was no intimacy between us.

“Anjola is aggressive. She picked fault in almost all that I did and was always ready to fight me.

“She was in the habit of returning home late which was one of the reasons we fought.

“Our home was always on fire because of her hostile nature.

“She once told me she was no longer interested in our marriage after I beat her.

“I left home after this for a week but left no clue as to my whereabouts.

“I expected that she would show a sign of remorse on my return, but to my surprise she attacked me.

“I lost my control and beat her blue black.

“She got me arrested and detained by the police.

“I asked for her forgiveness after I was released, but she remained adamant.

“She later walked out of our marriage and went with our children.

“She has since refused me access to our children.

“I pray the court to end our union so that I can move on with my life.

“I also plead for access to our children. They need my attention.”

The president of the court, Mrs S.M Akintayo adjourned the case and ordered a fresh hearing notice to be issued and served the defendant.

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