Ogun NUJ Celebrate Special Adviser on Information and Strategy

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Ogun State Council, celebrates the Special Adviser to the Ogun State Governor on Information and Strategy, Hon Kayode Akinmade on his birthday.

The Union celebrates and honours your remarkable contributions as the Special Adviser on Information and Strategy to the Governor. We acknowledge your unwavering commitment, invaluable insights, and strategic guidance as they have been pivotal in shaping our State’s vision and progress.

Your dedication to excellence and relentless pursuit of the best strategies have played a significant role in driving positive change and fostering strong working relationship between the government and the media, enhancing more information, progress and connection.

We appreciate your support and wisdom as they have been a source of inspiration and unifying ideology which have greatly helped in consolidating the nascent unity in the Union and promoting professional development.

On this day, we remember your leadership and mentorship that have left an indelible impact on our team, and we are truly grateful for your presence and influence.

So as you mark another year of life, may you be surrounded with joy, love and fulfillment.

Congratulations, Sir!

E Signed:
Wale Olanrewaju

Bunmi Adigun

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