Alhaji Balogun Adeshina: Celebrating A Human Dynamo @ 47

Today marks another milestone in the life of our ever bubbling, cheerful, cosmopolitan, urbane, forward-looking, dynamic and amazing clergyman, Alhaji Balogun AbdulWahab Adeshina, (Faedol Amowwy) Ayede popular known as “Ayede” in the Islamic circles of Nigeria.

To us at The Issues Magazine, Alhaji Balogun Adeshina is a destiny helper, lover of progress, upwardly mobile personality, a dashing dude and indeed, a leader to watch out for because of his dedicated love for humanity.

As the gracious Allah has given Adeshina yet another opportunity to count his blessings and return all the glory to the Almighty Allah on this special day of his 47th birthday, we join well-wishers of this global brand to celebrate the abundant grace of Allah upon his life, as he moves from glory to glory and waxes stronger.

Dear Alhaji Balogun, as you climb higher today, it’s our heartfelt prayers that your feet will not slip, the Almighty Allah will remain your backbone, you won’t know sorrow in whatever form, His favour will forever overshadow you, and may you never be stranded in the journey of life, as we also pray that as the head, may you never become the tail by His grace.

  • Oluseun ODUNEYE, Abeokuta

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