Nigerians must be determined to enjoy good governance – Marcus-Bello

Former Nigerian Ambassador to Zambia and Malawi, Barrister Folake Marcus-Bello has said that except Nigerians take more than passing interest in the electoral processes that produce their leaders, the search for good governance in the country would for a very long time remained a mirage.

Barr Folake Marcus-Bello revealed that good governance just don’t happen except the people determined to have it and that the basis of having good governance is rooted in active participation of the people in political activities that usher in their leaders.

The one time Commissioner for Women Affairs in Ogun State also insisted that much as many Nigerian youths are capable of running the affairs of the country very successfully just as many of them have recorded huge success in their business enterprises, they must however recognised the need to have a trusted political mentor who will be ready to hold their hands and help them navigate through the complexities of Nigerian politics.

Barr Marcus-Bello stated this while speaking over a television programme in Abeokuta.

She stated further that apathy of Nigerians to political participation remained a major hindrance to getting good governance in the country.

Barr Marcus-Bello explained further that “we have ourselves to be blamed for not having to enjoy good governance in the country, good governance only come by determination but how many people have voter’s cards? How many of those who have voter’s cards come out to vote?

“How many people do come out to campaign for that person you believe can do it right? They are always quick to say their votes will not count, they will snatch the ballot boxes among others. Nigerians must also learn how to query their leaders on issues of governance…”

On the issues of youths participation in politics, Marcus-Bello explained further that “many Nigerian youths are duly capable of managing the affairs of the country because governance is about management and many of them have been quite successful in managing their businesses.

“However, I believe that Nigerian youths need some kind of Godfatherism or Godmotherism because of the nature of politics, the youths need to have someone as political mentor, someone trusted that could hold their hands and help with their political ambitions, someone who can groom them and let them know how best they can serve their people…I am also of the opinion that politicians should be able to retire at 60 years so as to give room for the youth to also thrive”.

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