Onpetu Shines At 60: Celebrating A Monarch With Difference

His Royal Majesty, Oba Sunday Oladapo Oyediran, the Onpetu of Ijeru Kingdom of Ogbomoso South, Oyo State, recently celebrated his 60th birthday in grand-style. There, many dignitaries, ably led by His Royal Majesty, the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, among other notable personaties, gathered. They relished in this earth-shaking celebration, laced with joyful clinging of glasses. His Royal Majesty, Oba Oyediran, observers concurred, deserved much accolades, encomiums and panegyrics from all and sundry at his 60th birthday for his good deeds. “We wish the monarch with a large heart for his people long life and prosperity,” an excited guest, told The Issues magazine.

Oba Oyediran, many concurred, remains an amazing delight and a lover of ideas with insatiable quest for detail. “He is a strategic planner, who loves God and fellow humans; he is indeed an art connoisseur of no mean repute”, a foreign observer who opted for anonymity, noted

In a chat with our correspondent, the monarch wished himself long life as he shared testimonies about his life and how God led him to overcome the storms of life. The monarch, in his assertion, said, “I give thanks to God for His faithfulness, for His care, for His protection and for His guidance.

“To Him alone is the glory, because the journey of 60 years is full of mysteries. ‘Some, pleasant, some not so pleasant. Somebody said it is better to talk about the pleasant ones and leave the unpleasant ones to appreciate God the more, because He knows better than any of us. But if I may, say, it has been so eventful. “I can say I am a special breed of God, if you permit me to use that word, ‘special breed of God.’  “Some people will say on one particular date I gave my life to Christ, on another particular date I received a call. People will say that, but it is very difficult for me to say. “Why? I have been a special creature in the hand of God. From my birth, He has been doing some exceptional things in my life. I was born into an illiterate Christian family. “I was born into the family of a Baptist and since then, I have been a Baptist. So I received the normal tutelage typical of other children. I then grew up to become a man of orthodox doctrine.

“But along the line, I just discovered that I was just a Christian; there are some things that are not expected of a Christian and we still look at it as normal. So, I have been deviating on several occasions but God in His infinite mercies, has been bringing me back on track. “Yet, the one that caught me unawares was the call to the ministry, because if you tell me that becoming an evangelist is an easy thing, I will say it is a lie because it is a baptism of fire. “It came when I was making up my mind whether to backslide. I was arguing within me, but it came when I lost my second wife. I lost the first one in year 2000 and lost another one in the year 2008. At that point, I made up my mind, that no, my colleague who are not Christians or who are not living for God are not losing their wives.

“Why should I say I am for Christ, I am for God and trying to live according to His wishes and those things are happening to me? I better go back and join my colleagues. “That was the time God arrested me. And that was the meaning of Baptism by fire. He just caught me and said I should go out. He said I should be praising Him and I said; how can I be praising you in the midst of all that I was passing through. But I went for a programme at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Bolumole Province Headquarters at Challenge, Ibadan. I was there to attend their 24 hours worship non-stop. “At the middle of the night, I was pressed. Thank God as at that time my house on Ring Road was not far from that church. I just trekked home and I went to ease myself and slept almost immediately, but I had not slept off for more than 20 to 30 minutes when God visited me. He just woke me up and told me what to do, giving me instructions in my sleep that I should go back and organise this particular program that I just finished with in Ogbomoso.

“If you remember, there was a praise night that was organised here in 2010, it was as a result of that instruction. It was then that I discovered that there is no escape route. One, no backsliding; two, you must be ready to go all out, because He knows better”, he enthused. The Issues Magazine attested that with radiance of joy, Oba Sunday Oyediran deserves a convergence of roses for his 60th birthday celebrations, going by his innumerable contributions to human development, particularly in his Ijeru Kingdom in Ogbomoso South area of Oyo State. History is replay of the proverbial cub, whose hunting in the wood markedly soars higher than the braggadocio of the puppy. In simpler terms, a lion’s offspring, while hunting with a dog’s, can easily be noticed. Such is the fitting etch for His Royal Majesty, Oba Sunday Oyediran who hails from Oyo State, being an achiever of no mean repute, going by a perusal of the story of his life. Oba Sunday Oyediran, a philantropist and lover of culture and glamour-which makes him stand out among other monarchs, remains an amazing delight in Ijeru Kingdom where he resides; a toast of success. Reputably, Kabiyesi is a business tycoon with landmark achievements; a strategic thinker and an easy-going Evangelist. A classic gift for Oba Oyediran on the joy of this occasion should come in the fine colour of “Sixty”, which is reputed as a symbol, a keen observer had enthused.

Sixty years is believed to be a mirror to the soil, helping us to see ourselves as others see us. As a gemstone, silvery in nature, that age, it is widely believed, represents hope, unconditional love, meditation, mystic visions, tenderness, kindness and sensitivity. His Royal Majesty loves the poor, the downtrodden in the society and sincerely shows them affection, it has been widely gathered. In this wise, he offers warm embrace to those at the lower rung of the social strata and has never disconnected from his people for once. As Oba Sunday Oyediran celebrated his 60th birthday in a grand style, it was indeed a remarkable day of radiance; the ascension of a royal icon, perfectly marking another milestone in the life of the Oyo-born Royal Father: loving, notable achiever, and a community leader. Oba Sunday Oyediran is happily married to Olori Esther Oyediran and blessed with children.

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