Lasisi: Life Of A Unique, Unassuming Philantropist

With eyes fixed on promoting humanity, Giwa Alhaji Suraju Lasisi, industrialist, bussinesman, philanthropist and an employer of labour, intends to come out soon with a surprise package for the less-privileged close to his reach, The Issues has gathered.

“As a devout Muslim, I believe that the more you help the poor, the more you get open doors from the throne of Allah.

“I, as a result, want to encourage all Nigerians, whether you are well-to-do or not, to help others who are in need, according to your ability.

“Don’t wait until you become a millionaire before you give food to the hungry; just offer anything you can afford to the depraved,” he counselled.

An unassuming leader in his own right, Giwa Alhaji Lasisi would not want his many charity efforts published or broadcast in the media.

His reason: “Almighty Allah does not approve that you do show-off with the little you can do for your neighbour, as it should be a personal thing”.

However plausible his strong conviction on humility in philantrophy, most of his activities did not go unnoticed by credible society bodies, which had come out at various times to bedeck his neck with awards of recognition.

Among such societies moved by the milk of human kindness flowing in Lasisi’s veins, that gleefully came out to give him awards of recognition, respectively, include, the Federated Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journals (NUJ), Ogun State Council.

The others are: Alatilehin Association of Gbogeniyi, Ikorodu Kingdom, Lagos; Tellview Magazine which houred him with the Role Model Award, BJOS Media Network, mostly composed by thespians and other artistes, which gave him Nollywood Supporters Award.

Interestingly, as it is often the case in the Nigerian society, Lasisi’s philantropic efforts have never been geared at political aspirations as he says, ‘I am not a politician or a political godfather, only a simple, private Nigerian who seeks the good of his society.”

The sixth born of his parents, Giwa Alhaji Suraju Lasisi was born of Alhaji Taiwo Hassan Lasisi of Latogun, Ijebu Ode and Alhaja Abeke Lasisi, the daughter
of Balogun Osinowo, Odo-Egbon, Ijebu Ode, both of Ogun State.

He was enrolled into Igbobi Primary School, Morrocco, Somolu, Lagos State in 1986
where he completed primary education in1992.

Giwa Lasisi was admitted into Angus Memorial High School, Igbobi, Somolu, Lagos State in 1992 where
he obtained his S. S. C. E in 1998. Thereafter, on completion of his secondary education, he decided to learn the art (apprenticeship) of the aluminum technology.

As such, he got enrolled with Aluminium City Nig. Ltd, Ilupeju, Oshodi
Expressway, Lagos State, where he was apprenticed for aluminium and fabrication for three years.

In furtherance of his career, Giwa Alhaji Suraju Lasisi worked briefly after his graduation and left Nigeria to Germany in Year 2001. He came back to Nigeria in 2005 where he set up his own business.

Determined to boost his academic profile, Giwa Alhaji Suraju Lasisi later enrolled at the University Of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State and obtained a
Diploma certificate In Marketing. That was in 2007.

Giwa Lasisi started his own company in 2005, named Suralum Aluminium Product Nig. Ltd., which is a limited
liability company that deals in building aluminium products. The company has been soaring till date.

This quintessential industrialist, who is popularly known as “Azury”, is the chairman, Azukem Group of Companies.

The Azukem Group is a diversified conglomerate of business ventures with reputation for excellent
business practices, with its operational headquarters in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria.

The Group’s business enterprises comprise:

★Suralum Aluminium Products Nig. Ltd
★Suralum Property And Developement Company
★Azukem Petroleum, Oil and Gas
★Azukem Hotel And Suites.

Since inception, the Azukem Group of Companies had carved out a niche for itself due to her best ethical and customer care practices.

In the religious parlance, Giwa Alhaji Suraju Lasisi has proved that he is a committed and dedicated Muslim, having invested his time, energy, and money in furthering the course of Islam.

His efforts in the propagation of the “Deen” has been recognised by various Islamic societies, resulting in the conferment of the Islamic titles of “The Asiwaju Adinni” of the Jamuhiyyat As-Salam
Islamic Foundation, Lagos State, performed by the National Missioner of the Islamic group, Fadhilat Sheik Ahmad
Tijani Abdulsalam Onabola (R.T.A), who is also the Aare Arigbabuwo, Latogun Central Mosque, Ijebu-Ode.

Giwa Alhaji Suraju Adebayo Lasisi also became the Giwa Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu (Kuye) on 30th
July, 2017, in a keenly contested election.

A family man, lover of mankind, affable and humane personality, Giwa Alhaji Suraju Lasisi is widely travelled man who has visited several countries in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, Europe and

He is married to Alhaja Sholakemi Brown Lasisi. The marriage is blessed with children.

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