Glamour As Subomi Balogun’s Sister, ‘Ronke Atere, Clocks 80

In tandem with family’s grace of longevity, Chief (Mrs) ‘Ronke Atere, the younger sister of Otunba Subomi Balogun, founder of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has just clocked 80, amidst  shared gratitude to the Almighty. All have also attested that with radiance of joy, Mama deserves a convergence of roses for her birthday celebrations, going by her innumerable contributions to human development.

History is rebabartive of the proverbial cub, whose hunting in the wood markedly soars higher than the bragadoccio of the puppy. In simpler terms, a lion’s offspring, while hunting with a dog’s, can easily be noticed. Such is the fitting etch for Chief (Mrs) ‘Ronke Atere who hails from Ijebu-Ode, an achiever of no mean repute, following a perusal of the story of her life.

Chief (Mrs) ‘Ronke Atere, a philantropist and lover of culture and glamour which makes her stand out among friends and business associates, remains an amazing delight in Ijebu and Lagos where she resides; a toast of success. Reputably, she is a business tycoon with landmark achievements; a strategic thinker and an easy-going socialite. A classic gift for Chief (Mrs) ‘Ronke Atere on the joy of this occasion should come in the fine colour of “Eighty”, which is reputed as a Octogenarian’s symbol, a keen observer had enthused.

Eighty years is believed to be a mirror to the soil, helping us to see ourselves as others see us. As a gemstone, silveric in nature, represents hope, unconditional love, meditation, mystic visions, tenderness, kindness, sensitivities and a communiator that aids in public speaking and eloquence. Madam Atere loves the poor, the downtrodden in the society and sincerely shows them affection, it has been widely gathered. In this wise, she offers warm embrace to those at the lower rings of social strata and has never disconnected from his people for once.

Besides, Ijebuland, the ancestry of Chief (Mrs) ‘Ronke Atere, is a major component of the Yoruba race; one that is reputed for commerce, entrepreneurship, knowledge acquisition, hospitality, and valour. As Chief (Mrs) ‘Ronke Atere marked her 80th birthday in a grand style recently in Lagos, it was indeed a remarkable day of radiance; the ascension of a royal icon, perfectly marking another milestone in the life of the Ijebu-born business magnate, loving mother, notable achiever, and a community leader.

Chief (Mrs) ‘Ronke Atere who is happily married and blessed with children, is a lover of ideas with quest for details as well. As Mama clocks 80 with radiance and joy, her family, friends and associates are joining hands together as they relish in this earth-shaking celebration, laced with joyful clinging of glasses. Chief (Mrs) ‘Ronke Atere demands much accolades, encomiums and panegyrics from all and sundry at her 80th birthday for this good deeds. We wish the leader with a large heart for her people long life and prosperity.

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