Aare Safiriyu Adebanjo And His Meteoric Rise

History is rebabartive of the proverbial cub, whose hunting in the wood markedly soars higher than the bragadoccio of the puppy. In simpler terms, a lion’s offspring, while hunting with a dog’s, can easily be noticed. Such is the fitting etch for Aare Safiriyu Adebanjo, the Aare of Muslims in Ago-Iwoye who doubles as chairman SAF Petroleum, an achiever of no mean repute, following a perusal of the story of his life.

Comprehending the cognomen of Adebanjo’s dynasty in Ago-Iwoye which usually attracts thunderous sounds of native drums and gongs, one of Adebanjo’s associates once mused, saying anyone interested in learning what it means would have to go on self-isolation in an Ijebu cultural language class. Such a joke is understandably a parody of one of the current expressions brought on social jocosity in Nigeria, hewed from the spectre of ‘banishing’ anyone that contracts the Coronavirus pandemic (famed as COVID-19) to an isolation centre, for intensive care.

Besides, Ijebuland, the ancestry of Alhaji Safiriyu Adebanjo, is a major component of the Yoruba race; one that is reputed for commerce, entrepreneurship, knowledge acquisition, hospitality, and valour. As SAF petroleum marks his 65th birthday in a grand style recently in Lagos, it is indeed remarkable day of radiance, ascension of a royal icon which marks another milestone in the life of Ijebu-born business magnet, father, achiever and a man of every moment.

Alhaji Aare Kazeem Adebanjo, a philantropist and lover of culture and glamour which makes him stand best among friends and business associates, remains an amazing delight in Ijebu and Lagos where he resides; a toast of success. Reputably, he is a business tycoon with landmark achievements, a strategic thinker and an easy-going socialite.

Business icon, Kazeem was born on 11th June, 1955 to the family of Alhaji Bisiriyu Kazeem and Alhaja Muibat Kazeem in Ago Iwoye, Ijebu North area of Ogun State, after his long years of educational qualifications, Adebanjo determined to reach for the top in his business career, establishing his business known as SAF Petroleum Limited in 1988 now expanded with many branches across the country.

Alhaji Adebanjo is happily married and blessed with children. He is a lover of ideas with quest for details. He is also a strategic planner, philantropist and business expert with explicit focus on retail development of his beloved state. As Alhaji Safiriyu Adebanjo clocks 65 with radiance and joy, his family, friends and associates are joining hands together as they relish in this earthquake celebration.

– Published in Nigeria by The Issues Magazine
Vol 6 No 40

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