The Ogun State People’s Democratic Party Chairman, Engr. Adebayo Dayo has attributed dishonesty and uncontrollable love for money to the myriad of political problems which led to failure of his party at the just concluded general elections.

Recall that the party came third in the last governorship election in Ogun state which prompted Bayo Dayo to assess the party and commented on what needs to be done in the political settings of Ogun State and in the PDP at the National Level.

Though, his name, the former Senator representing Ogun East senatorial district at the Red Chamber, Buruji Kashamu among with Segun Seriki has been dismissed in the party by the NWC but court sustained their names in the state.

Speaking frankly with our correspondent, he said that the former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel also contributed to the downfall of the party in the state.

He maintained that OGD as he is popularly known is a political prostitute, who joined PDP in 2002. He said, “I am one of the leaders that brought him into the party in Sagamu. When he joined PDP, he had been to where he never expected in his life for those 8 years as Governor of Ogun State.”

He added that the people forget things quickly, once they have the opportunity, they would be happy, but if they don’t have the opportunity again, they will start disorganising the forum, those that have benefited from PDP before are now running for their personal gains.

They are not doing for their communities where they deserve, what is expected of them, but for their personal interest. “I went to Abuja and obtained a waver ticket for Gbenga Daniel when he ran away to another party, Gbenga Daniel has been to everywhere where he could get money”, Bayo Dayo said.

He further stated that if you put dollar in the mouth of a lion, Gbenga Daniel will put a sand in the mouth of the lion and take the dollar, he was the director general for Atiku in the recent presidential election.

He questioned, “How long have we had the election and for him to be dancing from right to left? Affirming his political stand, Bayo Dayo stated, “With my age, I can never see a white candle and call it black the following day, it’s NO. I have been in the PDP, I will never change until I retire from politics”.

While reacting to failure of the party in the last general elections, he buttressed the point that PDP needs to be united by engaging some leaders in the state. “Uche Secondus is my friend, we were both at the Nigeria Railway Corporation before as member of the Board, Secondus has been in the politics more than I have been, even though he is my leader, they knew that without Buruji, PDP can’t stand in Ogun State”, said Bayo Dayo.

“I have told them to merge the two factions in the state together in order to have a sustainability with enough power over the ruling party, but the NWC has failed in their duty to reconcile us, they have failed in their responsibilities to make that PDP is one in all 36 states, they have failed woefully, why did they fail, because they believe very much in money, it’s a monetary affair, it’s a cash and carry affair, that is why they can’t be honest with themselves”, he added.

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