Ogun East Elects President, NASS Members

* As electorates commend INEC, security personnel…

The long awaited Presidential, Senatorial and House of Representatives elections have come and gone. The people of Ogun East Senatorial District went out enmass and voted for the candidates of their choice for Presidency and the National Assembly members respectively.

To some observers, some thought the election might be postponed again due to the recent postponement announcement by the Independent National Electoral Commissions (INEC) as some big wings in Ogun East senatorial district eligibly commended the commission and security personnels for the peaceful exercises.

Speaking briefly with our correspondent, the 2015 House of Representatives candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, Otunba Moses Osinubi popularly known as (WESCO) in the political circle affirmed that the recent postponement by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) have reasons, as he implored the commission for the clean results of the exercise, affirmed that the election was quite peaceful.

Ademola Ogunbanjo, the Governorship candidate of the Alliance For New Nigeria, while accessing the exercise, ascertained that the election was quite peaceful.

“When you look out at the turn-out of the people, you will discover that the recent postponment didn’t discourage the voters, our voters were strongly committed to the democratic process, it’s indeed a peaceful and impressive election”, said Ogunbanjo.

The PDP House of Representatives candidate, Aremo Segun Adekoya popularly called (Attacker) claimed in his message with newsmen that the election was very free, fair and most peaceful, one can likened this election to that of Abiola in 1993, the weather is so condusive, people are working freely”.

Speaking further, Adekoya said, “No harrassment from security men, no thuggery, no failure of the electronics machines and nothing of such, this election can be described as very free, fair and peaceful”, Adekoya asserted.

The Director General for Prince Dapo Abiodun of the All Progressive Congress, and the former Deputy Governor of Ogun State, Prince Segun Adesegun could not just but stress that the election was peaceful and credible beyond measures.

He said, “If I am to judge by the timing and the presence officials, this election is good, it’s an improvement of earlier elections and perhaps, INEC has done the best they could, it’s very peaceful and people actually performed excellently”.

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