2019: House of Reps Candidate Drums Support For PDP In Ogun

A House of Representatives candidate under the Peoples Democratic Party from Ijebu Central Federal Constituency, Honourable Oluwakemi Rasaq Daddah has enjoined Nigerians to vote for Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to enjoy the much desired dividends of democracy.

Hon. Daddah, a former council boss noted that, any vote for PDP in the forthcoming general election will not be a waste but rather translate to the development of the country’s economy growth.

He lampooned the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for the country’s economy woes, alleging the party of putting the nation’s debt profile to N23trillion within three year.

According to him, “politics is about contestation of ideas and policies. The main remain reason why I believe PDP is the best party for me is because the present Governor which is a member of APC has not done well for the Ijebus. I believe people are not enjoying their right, so, I had to leave and come to PDP.

“I’m in this present party to change that to make people happy. For example, Rice was sold at the rate of 8000 naira when PDP was in service while presently, APC is ruling and rice is been sold at the rate of 18000 naira. Also, about the security issue, it is nothing to write home about presently about Boko haram.

“APC has recorded more dept in the last three weeks which is 23trillion. All I want people to do is to vote out APC government and there will be changes.”

Hon. Daddah therefore claimed that the success story of any politician in life lies in persistency, perseverance, strategies and commitment to the people at the grassroots which are the hallmarks of any successful race.

He maintained that strength of character especially when one is in politics, one’s stock in trade is the people and should be interested in their problems and be ready to proffer solutions”.

He asserted that for anyone who is aspiring for the national assembly assignment, it shouldn’t be to submerge the stomach affairs, but it should be selfless service to humanity. He should be able to address issues and challenges confronting the people at the grassroots level.”

He continued, “This has kept my name flying high in the political circle in Ijebu Central Federal Constituency as of today, even when I was in the council.

“I am a veteran in politics in my federal constituency and Ogun State at large, I have contested for various positions, some I lost and some I won, I contested for House of Assembly in 2003, I lost, in 2007 I contested for House of Representatives, I lost as well, but I believe life is marathon, it’s not an 100 meter dash, that is where people are getting it wrong, the fact that you contested for the first time you lost doesn’t mean that you’re a failure.

“Politics is not different from the plot as well, in 2012 when I contested for the chairmanship of Ijebu-Ode local government, God answered my prayer, now that I am aspiring for the national assignment, I am ready to give my people a qualitative legislation and quality representation that will bring dividends of democracy to our federal constituency, to Ogun State and Nigeria in general if elected.

Though, in most cases, popularity can’t win an election, but I think I have the strategies in terms of emotion, intelligence, physical and so on to make things happen for my party within the Ijebu central federal constituency”.

In his charismatic determination he said “I am going to bring my experience to bear, I am one of the most experienced politicians in the circle, I will unleash political strategy to, outleash the running party among other good amenities that my constituency requires if elected”, he asserted.

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