All politics are local and Oyo state share rich political nomenclature dated back to many years ago. This is Political cross road era of AD/AC/ACN/APC in 2019 general election, with outgoing Governor Abiola Ajimobi who has already broken the Oyo state Political jinx of second term in office to affirm her place like Lagos State APC under Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In respect of the foregoing narrative, OYO STATE APC having settled for the Candidature of former Deputy governor of central bank ,muslim, from ibadan zone as Oyo state, OKEOGUN remains where APC could sustain her Political marriage with zoning of Deputy governorship candidate to the zone , despite emergence of ADC ,ADP in the agrarian community of ten local governments.

OKEOGUN ten local governments are ISEYIN, ITESIWAJU,IWAJOWA, KAJOLA, ATISBO, SAKI EAST ,SAKI WEST, OORELOPE, IREPO AND OLORUNSOGO. These local governments are classified into three federal constituency though, in Oyo state Political parlance, they are classified into OKEOGUN 1 and 2.

The above Political hindsight is necessary in order to get Political narratives of the zone present clearer picture ahead of 2019 governorship election.

Pool of names around for the consideration of Deputy governorship candidate are ,a local government chairman in iwajowa but, of newly created LCDA in igaanna, Mr Egunjobi. Also is former NUT chairman in Oyo state ,Mr Sunday Ajibola from Otu in Itesiwaju local government, also Mr Issac Ajiboye omodewu, commissioner for lands and housing and a former governorship aspirant from Otu, itesiwaju local government, also fomer house of Representatives member ,Dr Wale Okediran from iseyin local government and incumbent honourable representing KAJOLA state constituency Hon John Adebayo Olaleru.

The incumbent Deputy governor is from Oorelope LG or okeogun 2 and by 2019 he would have served for 8 years thus, is Politically imperative OYO STATE APC limit her search to okeogun 1 which consists of Iseyin, itesiwaju, Kajola and iwajowa local governments and one federal constituency.

I am an APC member from pakoyi compund oje- owode in saki east local government and I can objectively say I know these five above men very well. There are have been lot of sponsored opinions by politician’s in print and social media but, facts are sacred.

Permit me to enumerate Political chances of the above son’s of okeogun, because okeogun as presently constituted has lost most of her core members in some local governments due to local governments chairmen and councillors selection in May this year and later broke of unity forum and Core members of APC majority of whose are now in ADC and recently ADP

Dr Wale Okediran is a medical doctor, author and former house of Representative member , he posseses great academic credentials,he is an iseyin indegene. But, his choice as Deputy governorship candidate is more of Political risk too much to be taken as he is percieved to be a political elite among the political stakeholders of agrarian community and he can’t boast of substantial Political followers despite he was once honourable that represented the federal constituency in Abuja at a time. He can’t deliver much needed votes to compliment ADEBAYO ADELABU candidacy because, his iseyin local government is hotbed of ADC , ADP and PDP. HIs combination with commissioner for works Wasiu Dauda can’t match Political potency of ADC ,ADP ,PDP in Iseyin.

If Political in-depth must be told , APC iseyin local government is in minority. The last election result from iseyin was 19,000 plus and this success can be more attributed to Political camps of Alaran’s ,Lokoso and co whose are already in ADC, ADP. If election is holding today in Iseyin ,the Political strength of Wasiu Dauda (azuzu), Dr Wale Okediran and new Political entrant of Mr Shina Peller cannot produce 5,000 votes for APC in Iseyin. So thus, Dr Wale Okediran is a political risk as Deputy governorship candidate.

Moreso, iseyin has taken so much within their federal constituency from Oyo state APC largesse at the detriment of other local governments and this has informed bottled political reservations which is costly at the poll.
infact, Political victory of APC candidate for iseyin/itesiwaju/Kajola/iwajowa federal costituency is hanging in the air despite his deep pocket and humble personality of Mr Shina Peller having inherited Political crisis of fallout of local governments chairmen and selection spearheaded by Mr Wasiu Dauda camp of APC and loss of ciritical stakeholders of APC and mass APC members to ADC in Iseyin.

Hon John Adebayo Olaleru, he is honourable member OYSHA representing KAJOLA STATE CONSTITUENCY, the soft spoken giant posture is a medical microbiologist, PGD in view in peace and conflict resolutions, a former student Union leader, Lagos State University ,he is a certified programmer and software developer , he is a HP GOLD PARTNER and Founder/ Director JOHNTECH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Lagos State.

He is an hotellian and oil and gas investor. He aspired to represent iseyin/Kajola/iwajowa/Itesiwaju federal constituency in Abuja where primary were not held and hon Shina Abiola Peller from iseyin was selected, he remain loyal to APC and decided to go back to OYSHA but, for the reason best known to certain persons ,he was asked to step down again at the spot of collection of INEC form at government house Agodi, ibadan. He demonstrated Political magnanimity and consider bigger picture of the party and he is grassroot mobilizer.

He won and deliever 13,000 votes for APC in 2015. With Loss of APC strong base in ISEYIN , OLALERU candidature will sexure bulk of votes of over 40,000 compare to Iwajowa and Itesiwaju combine votes of 15,000 .

We are in political era of reality not of sentiment, he would be a unifying factor in OKEOGUN with his calmed nature and he is not treacherous politically.
The political minus is, he doesn’t have anyone pushing for his candidature despite, he is Governor Ajimobi’s boy.

Mr Sunday Ajibola, a former oyo state NUT chairman from Otu in Itesiwaju local government is a gentle person and calm but, does not need much energy dissipation in my Political analysis as he is a political liability at the poll and within our party. He is not known to be a committed member of the party. He has lost touch with his constituency ( teachers) whose platform he rose to prominence as one time national officer. And it is more of Political backstab to consider one Mr Ajibola ahead of Issac Ajiboye omodewu from same otu, this will not only generate Political bad blood ,it will also guranntee more aloofness of members of APC in itesiwaju local government.

Mr Samuel Egunjobi , an incumbent LCDA chairman in iganna was formerly caretaker chairman iwajowa local government before creation of iganna LCDA, he had also been house of assembly member at the OYHA. His major strength is his major minus as his Candidature will spring up revolt from iwajowa as iwajowa as small as it seems is divided into two Political divisions and Egunjobi falls to minority of iganna unlike Oke Odo axis that consists of iwere ile, ijio, itasa , idiko ile, Idiko ago, ilaji ile arre major towns in iwajowa, the prominent Political stakeholders there in iwajowa are of ADC stock and the bulk votes expected in iwajowa is less than 7, 000 and not even sure for APC.

Egunjobi Political albatross is extended to Political bottled anger towards his tenure as caretaker chairman of iwajowa before Iganna LCDA was created, as he concentrated projects to his manily iganna axis and abadoned oke odo axis. His iganna axis limited voting strength of 2,000 votes.

Issac Ajiboye Omodewu is a qualified personality with close Political affinity Gov Ajimobi, he served as commissioner since inception of Governor of Oyo state in 2011 but, the political challenge therein is his senaco co stalwarts from okeogun does not want him and his itesiwaju local government minimal votes of 5,000 plus for APC in the 2015 election.

God bless Oyo state APC,
God bless Oyo state,
God bless Nigeria.

Gazali Rasheed Abidemi writes from Oje Owode.

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