Adelabu, Guber Aspirant, Lauds Ajimobi Over Uncommon Feats In Oyo

* Promises Happy Times For Oyo Residents

Sustaining leadership is not in the air, it is not in the ocean, it is among the people. It is the living heritage of the people. It runs the skirt of governance where public needs are met, perhaps this is the legacy of All Progressives Congress, APC-led government all over the country, with Lagos State taking the lead in the nation. However, for Oyo State, it is a practice worthy of emulation which is fast putting the pacesetter on the rail of progress with Governor Abiola Ajimobi’s unprecedented achievements, being noticed and hailed by Adebayo Adelabu, the grand-son of great Penkelemesi.

Governor Abiola Ajimobi for the first time in the history of democracy in the State, is leading and trailblazing what remains unprecedented in governance. To prove the fact, he is the first Governor in the State to run a two-term in office to impact a meaningful governance on the people. But, Ajimobi needs a worthy successor to continue his meritorious service to the people of Oyo State and from all indications, Adebayo Adelabu remains the only personality to fit the candidacy, having gathered governance and economic planning experience as a Deputy Governor of Nigeria’s apex financial house – Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Seven (7) represents perfection and Governor Ajimobi has no doubt, perfected the state’s areas of needs with the deeds of conscience. Adebayo Adelabu has considered it highly befitting to hail these deeds of conscience with all sincerity. While antagonists and opponents, for political reasons have continued to stand aloof in criticisms, Adelabu seems to have staged a laudable crusade of appreciation of Ajimobi, praising him as the best Governor Oyo State ever had. Let us look at these seven unprecedented achievements of Ajimobi in governance.

Infrastructural Development:

First in his cardinal programme is the infrastructural development of Oyo State. His promise to renovate, construct and re-construct road networks across the state and to improve the beauty of the state, transforming the environment in other to attract both local and foreign investments has been fulfilled. Since he became the executive governor of Oyo State, 200 roads have been constructed and rehabilitated.

These are: Restoration of Awolowo/Bodija/Secretariat Bridge, construction of Flyover Bridge at Mokola, Ibadan, construction of motor garage at Temidire on Ibadan-Ife Road and Podo; construction of 110 Kilometre Ibadan Circular road, dualizing two major roads in Ibadan, which is the Ibadan interchange-Challenge-New Garage-Interchange road and Onireke Jericho-Eleiyele-Dugbe road which extends to Aleshiloye as well entry roads to Oyo, Ogbomosho and Iseyin, to mention but a few.

Employment Opportunities and Fair Workers’ Emoluments:
Second on Ajimobi’s agenda is his initiative Youth Employment Scheme of Oyo State (YES-O) 20,000 youths were employed; 1000 units of tricycles popularly known as “keke Ajumose” with buses were purchased to ease transportation and curb thuggery; payment of #19,000 minimum wage to workers and 13th month salary in 2011 and 2012.

Free Health Services:
Third on Ajimobi’s agenda is the provision of free health services to more than 300,000 Oyo residents through the free health mission programme even in the State’s Adeoyo Hospital. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the State has been reduced from 3.9% to 1.9% as a result of State’s Agency for Cure of HIV/AIDS (SACA); with the delivery of medical equipments to health care sectors; campaign for National Immunization plus Days (NIPDs) on the 17th of February, 30th March, 2012 and February 2013 as part of effort at boosting the state Immunization Coverage which as of date had increased to 79% in 2012 from 57%; outreach sessions on health including partnership with Malaria Action program for States (MAPS), a USAID- funded project to combat the deadly illness.

Peace and Security:
Fourth on his monumental achievements is the restoration of peace and security in Oyo State. Before Ajimobi came into office, there were threats and violence across the state especially in the capital city of Ibadan which claimed lives especially the routine clashes in the National Union of Road Transport Workers; the creation of “Operation Burst” helped stem the tide of crime and violence within the state.

Fifth is the progress brought to the education sector by modernizing the system through inauguration of Oyo Sate Schools’ Governing Board; a new initiative to coordinate the administration of secondary schools in the state and implementation of policies such as stoppage of mass promotion of students, promotion based on 80% class attendance and above average performance in the State’s Common examination to enhance their results. Recently, the state established Technical University (Tech-U), Ibadan, Oyo State, first of its kind in the southwestern region.

Culture and Tourism:
Sixth is the development of culture and tourism through cultural renaissance such as reviving of Agodi Gardens. The government has also followed suit with other states in celebrating their food festivals. Oyo State now has her own Amala Day and others in appreciation of its culture.

Seventy in Ajimobi’s unprecedented achievements is the revolution of the agricultural sector through mechanized farming by providing tractors and other machineries for farmers. Youths have been oriented and trained to see and adopt farming as means for livelihood, thus allocated farmlands and markets for finished products. Plans to replicate practices and techniques in Songhai Farms have been unveiled. However, Governor Abiola Ajimobi’s style of leadership has been deeply admired by Chief Adebayo Adelabu whose passion at continuing the legacies set by the administration hovers around. It is felt by the people including the political opponents who cannot but applaud his sincerity in succeeding Governor Ajimobi by taking Oyo State to the next level. Chief Bayo Adelabu would never be in the race if he didn’t prepare, he would never have been so committed and dedicated to the cause, if he didn’t believe in it. And to crown it all, he would not have offered himself to pursue a dedicated leadership without confidence in a credible followership of the Oyo people. For Adelabu, it is strength for leadership and affection for followership. This was the case of what happened in Ibadan recently when he visited the state’s capital. The former Deputy Governor of CBN is in a gubernatorial race that would earn him a place of leadership in a state that is famous for its cultural heritage and as well as political dynamism. His declaration came up barely some months ago under the banner of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC). Adelabu chose to run on the platform of APC to sustain the good image of the party and with the hope of succeeding the incumbent Governor Abiola Ajimobi. ‘Penkelemesi’ as he’s popularly called is a nickname he inherited from his grandfather, who was the original bearer of the name and was also a successful busineesman and politician in his days. Bayo Adelabu’s rise from grass to grace as the authentic son of the soil with vast grassroots tactics and homely connection with his people has particularly enabled him to stand out.

Adelabu was received at APC secretariat in Oke-Ado, Ibadan where he made the declaration by the state executive led by the state secretary, Alhaji Mojeed Olaiya as he anchored his decision to run on his ‘passion for the progress of the state’ and the happiness of its people. For Adelabu nothing could have so much energized him other than what was encapsulated in his words “I believe that talents, knowledge, training and experience are nothing if they are not put into achievements in the direction of human progress. They are like books on dusty shelves. They are inconsequential until when their contents are advanced towards uplifting the society,” said Bayo Adelabu. With his gifted power of eloquence, he voiced out his latest conviction, saying “All the acquisitions from the universities, work, knowledge and professional practices as well as insights from private endeavours would go down the graves at the appointed time. The possessor might, therefore, put them into diligent actions for humanity. The useful man must do something useful if his existence is to have real values,” said Bayo Adelabu, whose emotional statements constitute the glimpse into the guiding principles of his desire. The Agbaakin Parokoyi of Ibadaland said his focus would be on the economic prosperity of the people of the state, white industrialization, raising the internally generated revenue and leveraging on the resources of technology would remain things of priority to him. He gave assurance to party leaders to sustain Governor Ajimobi’s legacies through what he termed ‘sustainable management of the affairs of the state in the last seven years. The governorship aspirant was led by a large entourage of the people, party leaders and supporters with a motorcade of about 200 vehicles to the grave at his grandfather ‘Penkelemesi’ Chief Adegoke Adelabu, in Kudeti where prayers were offered for the realization of his governorship ambition. In furtherance of his campaign visit, the convoy moved to the APC secretariat in Ibadan South-East, where he donated a brand new bus with a sum of #500,000 to the party with a promise to make #250,000 available on monthly basis for the running of the party.

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