Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi is a vibrant and submissive politician of this generation who had earlier represented the people of Alimosho Local Government of Lagos State in the Federal House of Representatives before becoming Senator.

He is a Chartered Accountant by profession. But unknowingly to many, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi hails from Pahayi Yewa South Local Government of Ogun State, and if we are to judge by what one sees on the villages and towns in Ogun State, Ogun State is far behind in terms of infrastructural development, most especially, the road networks at the rural areas, are nothing to write home about despite Ogun State peopl beinge very prominent in the history of Nigeria dated back to 1914.

If insinuation and calcukation from the political terrain in Ogun State are anything to go by, it is the turn of the people where Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola YaYi hails from, to become the next Executive Governor of Ogun State and Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi has declared his intension to run for the Exotic Office of the Executive Governor of Ogun State in 2019 to turn things around for the people of Ogun State with the resources available in Ogun State and based on his kind of a person according to the people who has had one thing or the other to do with Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi FCA, he is regarded as a man of his words and a grassroots person, who hates seeing people suffer.

Born on August 10, 1969 at Lagos Island Maternity Hospital to the family of Mr Ayinde Adeola Ogunleye and Madam Abeeni Olasimbo Ogunleye (need Akinola). Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola has been destined for greatness from birth. It is greatness that is embedded in the leadership of a distinctive lifestyle which by interpretation means YAYI, a nickname that has struck to him like an apron string.

Senator Solomon Adeola grew up in the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State under the tender care of his loving parents who apparently had become his first teachers in life. Alongside the formal education he obtained from the school, these parents injected in their loving son, hard work, self-discipline, humility, loyalty, philanthropy and above all, the fear of God, which have become the hallmark of his success in life. He attended the State Primary School, Alimosho and the Community Grammar School, Akowonjo in Lagos where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and (WAEC) respectively.

His thirst for knowledge took him to Ondo State Polytechnic, Owo (now Rufus Giwa Polytechnic) where he obtained Higher National Diploma (HND) in Accounting. He further added some professional feathers to his cap and became one of the brightest youngest Chartered Accountants of his time. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Member Association of Accounting Technicians (ATT). He began his career with the Guardian Newspaper Limited from where his inherent potentials and professional abilities were largely demonstrated as a young, intelligent and committed accountant.

He worked there for 12 years and resigned to join Olatunji Omoyeni & CO, a Chartered Accounting firm, where he led the Audit team for several years.

Thus earned him promotion to the position of a Senior Auditor. As an interpersonal experimental at his competence, having worked for other companies, the vast experience he had, made him to establish his own company, SOOTEM Nigeria Limited, where he was the Managing Director (MD) as well as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the firm that specialized in tax consultancy. He did excellently well after which he resolved to go into active politics.

Sen. Adeola began his political expedition on the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP) to Alliance for Democracy (AD) where he was overwhelmingly elected to represent Alimosho State Constituency II at the Lagos State House of Assembly form 2003 to 2007 and again from 2007 to 2011. Given his Accounting prowess, he was appointed the Chairman of Finance Committee of the Lagos State House of Assembly. The enactment of the law that strengthened the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service and freed it from the State’s Ministry of Finance, was his early achievement at the position.

His legislative contributions at the State House of Assembly did not only raise the revenue of Lagos State from #5 billion monthly to over #20 billion but also saw the passage of several bills and acts that towered Lagos State above all states in the country such as Fiscal Responsibility Act and the Public Procurement Act of Lagos State, among others.

Furthermore, his sterling performance at the State House made him very endearing not only to the leaders of the party but also the electorate which led to his nomination and election to represent Alimosho Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives of the National Assembly in 2011.

On his higher platform, he gave his all to make his Constituency one of the best beneficiaries of the dividends of democracy in Lagos State by rehabilitating roads, provision of boreholes, transformers, free medical programmers educational empowerment, building classrooms blocks and equipping these state of the art facilities, annuals scholarship and sponsorship of GCE/NECO/ICT training for indigent students, to mention but few.

Also, in his constituency, YAYI, unbundled the weight of unemployment from the State government by providing gainful employments to hundreds of youths in his constituency and beyond at both state and federal levels. His records-to-show legislative experience paid off as he was selected as the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, the only constitutionally recognized committee of the House.

It would be inconclusive not to mention that Sen. Adeola sponsored and successfully pushed through to pass a bill that repealed the colonial Audit Act of 1956 and Re-enacted the Audit Act of 2014 on May 22, 2015 aimed at establishing a Federal Audit Service Commission and equally granting autonomy to the Office of the Auditor General of the Federation.

The growth of his political progression resulting from his appealing performances in both State and Federal capacities became consistently fertilized when he contested and won the largest Senatorial District in Nigeria (pollution wise with over 13 million people) in election – the Lagos West Senatorial District seat as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2015 General Elections.

It was a great feat and prodigious victory as he won his closest rival with more than 70,000 votes. Though a steadfast Christian, Sen. Solomon Adeola believes in freedom of worship, so he respects both faiths and allows them the freedom of worship. This could be attested to by several Muslims and Christians he had sponsored on pilgrimage respectively to Mecca and Jerusalem in Alimosho.

In the same way, he has donated busses not only to the churches but also to enhance the work of God. It was for want of words that rose, in all its charm and allure, is still called a flower. Also, it is for wants that Senator Solomon with all his wits and outstandingly distinguished experiences, performances and achievements, is still-like every other Senator – called a distinguished Senator.

YAYI is a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Senator YAYI is a politician whose target is not much about the next election but the next generation. It is historic for distinguished Senator Adeola to scale through consecutive electoral victories from the State Assembly to the House of Representatives and to highest legislative body in Nigeria, the Senate. YAYI is a highly experienced politician with proven records of meritorious services to his people.

He recognized early enough that power belongs to the people and so, he places the interest of the people first before in all he does. He is a man of his words and a promise keeper that has superficial plausibility from the masses because of infidelity to his solemn pledges during successive campaigns.

He is not a politician of insatiable cupidity but one with contentment committed to taking away burdens from indigent shoulders. He is an exceptional politician with a kind heart of gold and diamond fingers of generosity have positively touched and transformed many lives beyond ethnic and religious boundaries.

He is naturally ingrained with a socially calm and politically dignified mein that serves as a bridge to the indigent indigenes – a scarce symbiotic relationship among highly placed politicians like him. He is an anti – corruption crusader and epitome of transparency and accountability without a proven stain of indictment for corrupt practices. Amidst myriads of political challenges, Senator Solomon shares the wits of the Biblical Solomon. He knows his onions that’s why he successfully and successively navigates his way ti victory effortlessly, each time he steps out to contest.

He is truly a visionary leader. According to Arnold H. Glasow, One of the rest of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. His laudable achievements and aesthetic initiatives are not only physical monumental but also purposefully typifying. They transcend every other primordial attainment he met on ground. It is called Yayi standard.

He is young and could understand the needs of the youths who are the tomorrow’s pillar-holders which makes it easier for him to nip their problems in the bud and grow them with encouragement and empowerment.

With an uncommon knack, zeal, determination and pragmatism, Sen. Adeola has mustered strong political will and changed the landscape of his constituency, Senatorial district and by extension Lagos State with his bold, decisive and methodical approach to governance, thereby bequeathing a great legacy in the sands of time.

In the hearts of the masses; in the minds of renowned politicians and in the books of records keepers, Yayi has become a household name which abides in the consciousness of his people as a man of apparent honesty, an astute and dependable politician, a thought provoking teacher, technocrat and peace maker, an achiever of no mean distinction, a unity bridge engineer. In all of these, his activities are driven by integrated integrity enshrined in the fear of God.

Lagos State is jokingly known as a no man’s land because of its heterogeneous and cosmopolitan composition. It is universally believed that whoever succeed in Lago, he is indeed a success. Consequently, the culminated success and political ascension of Distinguished Senator Solomon Adeola is not an exception to the foregone maxim.

Having left a legendary legacy and excellent precedence in the Centre of excellence, as a golden fish that has no hiding place, the innumerable achievements of this uncommon man of repute have resonated into every nooks and crannies of Nigeria and beyond. He is seen, and truly so, as a live jacket and liberator in stormy situations.

This led to the cry of the people of his home state, Ogun to call on him to return home and bring to bare his accumulated professional, legislative and indeed political experiences and initiatives to resuscitate the dying image of Ogun State and place it on a glorious path it deserves. Salvaging The Yewa-Awori (Ogun State) Political slot for gubernatorial race.

This apart, Senator Solomon Adeola hails from Ogun West as well, if going by the Senatorial classification of the State, and apparently hails from Yewa-Awori, the part of the State that has been in dire need of leadership and is yet to produce a governor. He appears quite promising and considering his heavy political weight, may likely emerge to salvage his people from political marginalization.

The coming of Adeola to Ogun State is a blessing in disguise to the people of Ogun State. Ogun State has had several governors but Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi is in the process of bringing his experience from Lagos State. His experience is that of the much admired Lagos good roads, template which is the desire of the Ogun state people.

With this clarification by the people who are very close to him in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State he is more suitable as the Executive Governor of Ogun State come 2019. According to his humanitarian gestures in his Constituency, he has been charting the course of the less privileged ones in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State and that is what he intends doing in Ogun State as the Executive Governor of Ogun State come 2019 in the areas of quality education, building government schools in all the Local Government Areas, roads construction, drainage systems, among other live-improving projects.


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