Ekiti 2018: Battle Gets Tougher On Gubernatorial Race Kolapo, Adeyeye, Oni In The War Of Attrition

Ekiti State Gubernatorial election is around the corner. As the election draws closer, contestants keep pushing themselves to the wall.

And queetion now is, Will they break through the wall to the other side? Figuratively speaking, it is the “wall of partition” that stands between success and failure, strength and weakness, faith and fate, gain and pain, and victory and defeat.

Fayose’s deputy, Professor Olubukola Kolapo is on the run. The one time Ekiti’s state Governor, Chief Segun Oni is in the race and Prince Dayo Adeyeye may not likely succumb or settle down for anything contrary to his gubernatorial wish.

Governor Ayodele Fayose, the incumbent Governor of Ekiti State is planning to succeed himself with his deputy, Professor Olusola Kolapo to continue his political mandate.

Fayose is on for lifetime godfatherism in Ekiti State and has considered himself as the Messiah who has all the might to salvage Ekiti people from servitude and take them away from the wilderness of distress, oppression and humiliation.

Using the Lagos model of Bola Tinubu, with the governance of succession and consistency, the political legend is on for a bid that cannot be watered down by any opposition sickly words. Fayose is a powerful politician whose political zeal and strength cannot be matched. In the words of Chief Segun Oni, “Governor Fayose understands politics and he plays it better than us, but he is not unbeatable”.

Though in opposition, Segun Oni rightly confessed, testified and boasted that the Governor’s outstanding performance would fetch him victory come July 14, 2018. Olusola has claimed with all confidence that he remains the best candidate Ekiti will vote.

“With the huge developments and progress Governor Fayose has brought to Ekiti, I can bet you that APC will remain an opposition till eternity in the state. They aren’t seen anything yet. By the time we shock them with performance; they will be too ashamed to campaign for 2018, Olusola Kolapo boasted.

However the APC chieftains in persons of Chief Segun Oni, APC Deputy National Chairman (South) and gubernatorial aspirants, and Olusegun Osinkolu, the senatorial candidate for Ekiti North in 2019, have replied to Olusola Kolapo’s statements that the governorship election will shock Governor Fayose, claiming that APC will use every legal and constitutional strategy at its disposal to oust the Governor and prevent his anointed candidate and the Deputy Governor, Prof. Kolapo Olusola from taking over power from Fayose.

Oni rightly posited that with the promise by national leaders that the governorship primaries will be free and fair, he could boldly say that the outcome of the election will definitely shock Governor Fayose and many Nigerians.

On the contrary, the PDP chieftains have expressed their dissatisfaction over Fayose’s selection of his Deputy, Prof. Kolapo, rather that allowing the party to use4 its legal and constitutional right to choose its best candidate. The imposition of Kolapo by Fayose on the party was much frowned against by the party chieftains.

This also spells doom within the party and has shown a house at disarray. Adeyeye is the leading PDP Governorship aspirant till date. Adeyeye is the current PDP National Publicity Secretary under Senator Ahmed Makarfi till date. PDP bigwigs and youth are in support of Adeyeye. A lot of things are responsible for this, among these are the integrity and the success stories of the past meritorious leadership and political maturity till date.

Prince Adeyeye hails from Ise, Ekiti South Senatorial District, and a politician and a lawyer. He believes in Awo’s ideology despite his identification with the conservatives (PDP). In 2014, Adeyeye became the Minister for works under President Goodluck Jonathan due to the complete desperation of GEJ re-election and Fayose in Ekiti, he was compensated with the Ministerial position in order to support Fayose while other aspirants in PDP 2014 gubernatorial were given various appointments. After the ministerial position, he became the Chairman, Governing Council Ekiti State University (EKSU) where he resigned due to the alleged childish and fraudulent activities of the “Maximum Governor” of Ekiti State.

Fayose deliberately picked a sole candidate to run down Adeyeye campaign trends but instead, it received muscle.
For Segun Oni, he believes the time is ripe to regain power and take the mantle of leadership. Oni partly suffered “stillbirth” in office as the Governor of Ekiti State between 2007 and 2010, having hailed from Ekiti Township, Ekiti North, under PDP.

He was sent out of office in 2010 through a judicial process due to electoral irregularities allegedly played out by Ayoka Adebayo where congress man Bimbo nicknamed “Short me” and Ido Osi election (Ilorin Tribunal) in favour of Dr John Kayode Fayemi of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

However Oni credited for prompt payment of salaries, developmental projects, pensioners, bursary, school feeding program and others. In 2014, Oni officially decamped to APC and since then, has been the APC Deputy Chairman South, next to Oye gun. Recently, Oni declared intent to contest 2018 gubernatorial and since then, his ambitions had received serious electoral vituperations and disputations.

Past irregularities still remain the cogent issue while the thorough breed APC maintain that defectors cannot hold the leadership positions. Oni’s political utterance was deeply felt in Ayede Ekiti, in Oye Local Government area of the State during a Christmas get together organized by Osinkolu for APC members in the five local governments in Ekiti North Senatorial district on December 23rd (Saturday), 2017.
APC chieftains, stakeholders including the state Acting Chairman of the party was present in person of Mrs Kemi Olaleye who herself endorsed Osinkolu as the senatorial candidate for Ekiti North in 2019. Oni is also from the district. He said that APC must be in control of power in Ekiti to complement the anti-corruption and rebranding policies of President Muhammadu Buhari. Oni posited that what the party needed is unity and transparency to overcome It challenges.

Speaking of himself and his political will, he said, “I am a Democrat, I don’t believe in rigging or resort to self help but I believe if we put our house in order, use the right candidate and strategies we can easily win.

He spoke this to admonish the house to beat Fayose’s political strategies against 2018 elections. Oni expressed wisdom in his statements by saying, “We must listen to what the electorates want and not what few leaders in the party wants, we must listen to the teachers, market men and women, Okada riders, farmers, civil servants, so that we can come up with the right candidate that can eon for us, it is not easy to play opposition in a state like Ekiti.

“We have tasted power and we are now in the opposition and we can conclude that it is better to be in power and this is the more reason we have to be united and focused for 2018 to be a reality&. But will Fayose ever succeed with Prof. Kolapo Olusola as his successor? From findings Prof. Kolapo who is from Ikere, Ekiti South Senatorial District and currently the Deputy Governor of Ayodele Fayose is accused of non-genuine political records except a meritorious intellectual history of being only a University lecturer in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Olusola was called to replace his aged father as the Deputy Governor in 2014. Ayodele Fayose won the election through heavy security and financial federal might popularly known and referred to as EkitiGate. Olusola is the anointed candidate of Governor Ayodele Fayose as against the party rules, agents, stakeholders and candidates within the PDP.

Fayose personally nicknamed his campaign trend Osoko Mass Movement (OMM) an agent of continuity. Fayose is mobilizing heavily for the ongoing voters registration, but his campaign is currently facing internal tensions due to Prof. Olusola’s hostility and ill conceived ideas to social politics. Various names in its derogatory humour are being used to call Olusola such as Dummy, Prof. Edaah, Prof. Eleha (Purdah) coined form his father’s name. As a matter of fact, majority of Ekiti had expressed their countenance on the on going Fayose’s continuity, that Fayose want to replace dummy to cover his admin trash.

Since 2014, Fayose had stepped on toes across the Federation he had committed serious electoral fraud, legislative recklessness, administrative ineptitude, judicial threats and others were among the allegations molted against the incumbent Governor of Ekiti state.

With Olusola’s succession, people are of the opinion that Fayose has deliberately dug dungeon hole for his candidate and that he wants to market him and also place him to cover his various frauds if possibly elected. But, one thing is true about Governor Fayose and which cannot be taken away from him is his grreat wisdom and capacity to be identified with the less privileged, and down trodden in the society. He is self-styled ore Mekunnu, that is friend of the poor. He is in constant touch with the Okada riders, artisans etc. Fayose will forever be remembered by his people for his stomach infrastructure.

The game is on and if politics is a game, let’s watch how it is being played in Ekiti between PDP and APC. But, the mighty must be careful this time around because prey may be taken away form the mighty and the lawful captive of the terrible may be delivered.

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