Makarfi shouldn’t threaten me with expulsion – Kashamu

The senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District, Buruji Kashamu, on Wednesday  urged the Chairman, National Caretaker Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, Ahmed Makarfi, to stop threatening him with expulsion from the party.

This, Kashamu said in a statement, was because he had done nothing to warrant being expelled from the PDP.

He said, “The threat to expel me and others perceived not to fall in line with exco creation for your presidential agenda has become topical in the party. If you unjustly expel us from the party, you cannot expel us from the hearts of our people. Certainly, you cannot also expel us from the courts as bonafide Nigerians and law abiding citizens.

“More importantly, any attempt to expel us from our party for resisting this unfair and callous exploitation of our rights shall fail because all foundation of its illegality and vindictiveness is clear via your actions. Democracy is not about dogmatism. It is about expression of rights and freedom to align to logical beliefs. All these enforcement of your wish as the choice excos of our people cannot and would not stand. I wonder why you cannot use this caretaker committee opportunity righteously with the fear of God. I refuse to be intimidated by anybody, as I fear only the almighty Allah; my creator.”

Kashamu advised the former governor of Kaduna State to use “the temporary nature of your present position” to unite members of the party by being forthright to solve the problems rather than compounding issues.”

He said, “If you refuse, along with your caretaker committee members, to do justice by inviting the two sides of a conflict to objectively analyse contending matters ostensibly to find mutually acceptable solution, how can that become my fault?

“It is empirical truth that these court judgments existed before your appointment as the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee of our great party. Also, it is on record that the affected party has written multiple letters to you explaining the facts of the case in anticipation of your being equitable and just.

“These people have also been writing to the police for necessary protection to prevent any negative decision you might take that could result into anarchy and breakdown of law and order.

“Unfortunately, you chose to be partisan and unfair to them by dissolving the validly constituted state executive committees against subsisting judgments and constituted a one-sided caretaker committee populated by 100 per cent of their adversaries.

“Those you have sidelined, though political allies of mine, are eminent political leaders and important personalities in their own rights. They cannot easily be suppressed and coerced into concurrence of obvious rights abuse without reactions.

“It is worse when it is an open secret as we all know that all these manipulations in the mould of reconciliation are meant to create loyal South-West executive committees for your presidential ambition.”

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