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TAC: A foundation that touches lives in different unique, positive ways

Africa is now in the golden age of its “Primetime Media” as the media is now focusing its attention on the black continent. Podium International is no doubt, one very important medium that focuses on Africa and globalising the continent through its media programmes. It began all the way back in UK, in 2006 with a TV Show on Sky Channel and Ben TV. Later, it launched its online TV and magazine. It’s also a Foundation that gives recognition award from 2006 – food that will feed people for at least one month.

It progressed further with the initiative by coming back to Africa to launch Podium International in Lagos, Nigeria and giving Podium Recognition Awards in 2010. Awards are given to outstanding Nigerians who have played exemplary leadership roles in their career. This takes place both in the UK and Nigeria annually. In 2017, the awards will be taking place in Atlanta, USA.
A foundation was birthed in 2013 known as TAC Foundation whose mission is touching lives by feeding the hungry, giving succour to the widows and empowering the willing. With its “A Meal A Day” Programme which takes place every last Wednesday of the month, TAC Foundation gives out food items that will feed people a month. Shooting out of TAC Foundation is TAC Republic Networking Event with its online weekly family show which started in January 2017. It features on Facebook Live via www.facebook.com/CoachTAC or Podium Radio on Facebook every Tuesday 9pm GMT.

According to the management, the purpose is to encourage and promote business start-up and empower people to make money from their passion by building and empowering people with business tips that will bring them to a state of freedom. It aims to produce 52 entrepreneurs in 2017. As at June 40 entrepreneurs had already been produced through its War Against Poverty (WAP) Programme. The first Networking Event took place in London, Lagos, Nigeria and Ontario, Canada on the 10th of June, 2017. 12 MCs, 26 cake bakers and decorators have been trained. About 40 entrepreneurs are currently being mentored.

In furtherance of its initiatives, Podium Radio, a cloud based radio station has also been launched in Nigeria, UK and Canada to reach out to people, especially Africans in Diaspora by focusing on very important issues that border on our day-to-day activities, create platform for presenters and also businesses to showcase their products and services. The app is free to download on android and App Store.

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