Paseda and Free Education: Keeping Awo’s Legacy

…As 9,664 pupils benefitted from his holiday coaching across Ogun State

When UPN under the gubernatorial candidacy of Otunba Rotimi Paseda launched its cardinal programmes, making free education top the agenda, many people thought a new episode of white lies is about to take effect. Others thought some kind of white elephant project, which can never be achieved is about to commence. Like a political demagogue who plays to the gallery, people beheld such promises with eyes of disappointment in shattered hope.

But Paseda is now proving them wrong with his pre-emptive programmes of development even while he is not yet in office. Determined to revive the dying legacy of Awo, Paseda is providing free education in his best capacity. He is using positive tactics and virtuous strategies in the best way he could, by organising free holiday academic coaching for all the pupils in both primary and secondary schools across the three Senatorial Districts in Ogun State.

From a reliable source, No fewer than 9, 664 students across Primary and Secondary Schools in Ogun State have benefitted from the ongoing Paseda Legacy Foundation’s free holiday coaching. This took part in Ogun 3 Senatorial District areas namely West, East and the Central.

Going through the analysis of Director of Media and Strategies for Paseda Legacy Foundation, Mr. Michael Azeez Ogunsiji, who elucidated that the free holiday coaching became imperative for pupils and students to continue with their academic activities, in order to prepare them for the forthcoming session.

More than a thousand pupils’ registrations were confirmed in Maseka compound in Ijebu-Ode. Also, no fewer than 130 secondary school students were registered in Ijebu-Ode, 76 primary and secondary school students were registered in Abeokuta centre on the very first day and more across the state.

Public schools across the State are targeted to due their not-too-good academic conditions quite prevalent in state-owned schools as the coaching exercise is expected to galvanise Paseda’s effort in improving learning and facilitating the students’ memories. In addition, the scheme gives out of school students opportunities to improve their literacy level, creating vocational jobs.

The initiative provides avenue for children’s exposure in sporting activities during the coaching period to enhance their mental capacity and sustain their health. The following courses top the list: English Language, Yoruba Language, Mathematics, Sciences, Physical and Health Education, and other learning methods for prospective WAEC and NECO candidates.

In addition, “the initiative plays a significant role in bridging the gap between private and government school pupils in the state”, said Mrs Layeni, President, Paseda Women Forum. No doubt, with this bold initiative, Paseda is set to seriously hit the political atmosphere of Ogun State based on his ideology of good governance. He is indeed a dedicated leader who people in Ogun State should look for.

Otunba Rotimi Paseda needs no introduction again but for the interest of those who are just reading about him for the first time, he was the UPN gubernatorial candidate for Ogun State in 2015. His political campaign rocked the state in his characteristically two-finger signature which was quite peculiar to Chief Awolowo, prompting him being christened as “Awo’s re-incarnate”. Born over 50 years ago, Otunba Rotimi Paseda had his education at Berbeck College, University of London and University of Cardiff, all in United Kingdom.

As 2019 general elections draw nearer, it’s good to speculate in a questionable assertion, will Paseda contest? It’s an affirmative that the political titan is now buckling up his shoes ready for the race but going by Paseda’s philosophy of life that one should render help to people in need and not for self-aggrandizement, Paseda urges Ogun citizens to shun a government of callousness and embrace the government that respects their wishes. Experience should teach Ogun people what it means to go for the right leader who will take them to the promise land.

Watch out in 2019, Paseda is returning to take the center stage!

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