Debasco receives honours as the man of Africa

There is a new development on the continent of Africa leading to Automobile and Allied products, the Ultra Modern International Market known as the “New L.A.D.I.P.O.” being relocated its business to the new Shagamu Interchange, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.
They did not only relocate NEW LADIPO, they also considered it worthy to pick one of the Ijebu business tycoons and son of the soil, Otunba Babatunde Onakoya (Debasco) whose business and political stewardship over the years have greatly blossomed, to be their first in the history, patron of the new Ladipo market with affiliation and approval of some agents in Africa, subject to the approval of the incumbent Government of Ogun State.
Otunba Onakoya is known as a man of history anytime, any day. He is a political champion and crusader for progress in all capacities. A personality with a strong political influence that attracts development. He was then  gallantly launched himself into political prominence towards Gov. Amosun second term in office and God crown the efforts.
When Onakoya became the chief mobilizer for the State, sustaining the tempo up till now. Debasco is noted for two things; commitment and dedication which makes him as one of the leaders in Ogun State politics of today.

However, it is equally important to note that he is a grassroots politician with a serious concern for grassroots development, Ogun State in particular. It is not to say that this indefatigable leader with progressive mind, does not have a passion for anything beyond grassroots. To be candid, Onakoya is a man with a very stong heart for statewide development and agenda.
So, when he thinks of the grassroots, Onakoya is equally thinking on Ogun State at large.

A letter signed by the stakeholders of the new Ladipo Market, Elder Chukwuemeka Aniekwe (Chairman B.OT), Ismail Abubakar Nwakamma Esq. (Np), the B.O.T. secretary and also Emeka Akaolisa Esq, the Asian Representative dated on the 2nd of January, 2017, confirmed the appointment.
The message reads “in view of your unprecedented ardor and commitment towards the crusade of ensuring the (first of its kind) utral modern Auto mobile and Allied market in Nigeria / African at large. We, the Board of Trustees of the New LADIPO Auto Allied Dealers and inspired pioneers organisation (New L.A.D.I.P.O) hereby appoints you as the Patron of New L.A.D.I.P.O. with effect from the 2, January 2017”.

Speaking on the needs of Ogun Interchange agenda, Onakoya claims that “it is a spirit of commitment to high standards; the attainment of excellence; the discovery of new boundaries and generally raising the bar that has always marked the Gateway State and her people out.
“It represents world class facilities with a high level of attention to detail. It’s also embarking on iconic projects and enduring programmes that will stand the test of time and outlive us. The Ogun standard is not about merely satisfying current needs with “quick wins”. It is about anticipating the needs of Ogun State for the next fifty years and beyond.
“I am convinced that it is only such a standard that will adequately prepare Ogun State for our future and those of the generations yet unborn”, Otunba Onakoya added.

In response by Otunba Onakoya to our correspondent’s chat in Lagos, he applauded and grateful to God for the grace given to him, and also the initiators of the institution for their interest for picking him as their authentic patron of the new market.
He said, “I am  extending my message to all and sundry of Ogun State indegenes to retain their supports and prayers on the incumbent Governor of Ogun State, Sen. Ibikunle Amosun on his second term mission to develop Ogun State to a standard level and also, their patronage is needed in this new Ladipo market, it is easier and cheaper at all costs.”

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