Stop complaining, the faults are with our politicians – Wahab Osinusi

– Oluseun Oduneye, Abeokuta.

* Things are falling apart, let’s be sincere with ourselves.
Otunba Osinusi, the current Chairman of the Council of Otunbas of Awujale in Ijebu-Ode decried neglect of some rural roads, lack of sound health services and percieved insecurity challenges confronting Ijebu-Ode and its environs.

Otunba Osinusi said this at the recent annual gathering of the Council of Awujales Chiefs held at the Awujale Heritage Hall in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State headed by Chief Sunny Kuku, the Oloroogun of Ijebu with all members in the Council and the Chiefs of Awujale of Ijebuland.

On this day, Chief Osoba who is an elder at Awujale Palace raised a motion recounting how the State government abandoned its duties on Ijebu areas in particular, which dwel on the health service delivery, the regular environmental sanitation and some bad roads in Ijebu-Ode for which he urged the Committee of the Council of Chiefs to take a proper action before it becomes unbearable to the people of Ijebuland.

Speaking at the gathering, Chief Osinusi lamented and responded to some allegations by some members, saying, the fault is not on us, “who can we talk to? Is it the Chairman of Ijebu-Ode Local Government, who will tell you early that he doesn’t have money? Our representatives in the Green and Red Chambers or the State government that has abandoned us for so many years? All what we are complaning about, are there no ministries that are in charge? We thank God for the life of Otunba Subomi Balogun on his achievements at the “Iye Subomi ward, which is the only functioning ward in Ijebu-Ode State Hospital, and also the Paediatric Centre, in which he built at Lagos express road recently donated the whole establishment to the government.

“I am not afraid of politicians at all, it’s quite obvious that after winning their elections, you will became their enemy; a lots of petition has been written by this board to the government, the fact remains that, are they ready to read or take the necessary action on the letter? Their aim is to steal money that belongs to the development of a state and its local councils in general, they’re stealing our money to buy houses, if you come to my area, their locked apartments are there, they are afraid to open it because of the EFCC and all other criminal agents, they have no mind of thinking twice on the masses, we have tested them, it’s a fake result at all times, the 90% of our roads in Ijebuland are not motorable.

“We cannot do more than what we are doing, I am the Chairman of the Council of Otunbas of Awujale, we are always doing our best in the council”.

Chief Osinusi also lamented insecurity in Ijebu axis of the State, claiming that joblessness is the cause of some of these challenges. Kidnapping and robbery are rampant in Ijebu-Ode this day, politicians are killing us because of their personal interests. Our dear Kabiyesi, the Awujale of Ijebuland is trying his best, you people may not know, Awujale will never hide his complaint in the presence of any politician; politicians will make promises during their campign and they wouldn’t fulfill any.

“We contributed singlehandedly to build a lots in Ijebu-Ode, our government has abandoned us on different areas, we have no power to control our government, we are begging for our rights, which is annoying”. He added that during the regime of Chief Bisi Rodipe as a local government chairman in Ijebu-Ode, I wrote a letter commending his efforts, immediately when he left office, things got worse, beyond expectations”, Osinusi said.

Speaking also, Chief Fassy Yusuf talked on the importance of the gathering in which he described as an annual gathering of all the Council of Chiefs of Awujale of Ijebuland. The Awujale Council of Chiefs aimsis to join hands together with His Royal Majesty, Alaiyeluwa Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona the Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland, in order to move Ijebuland forward and to role out the new agenda for the new year.

Chief Fassy said, “Our impression is to build Ijebuland as a major part on Africa continent, so far so good, the Council of Ojude-Oba festival, the age groups system has played a very prominent roles in the area of unity to all and sundry of Ijebuland, both at home and in the diaspora”.

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