Nollywood actress cum politician, Funke Adesiyan, speaks with ADEWOYIN ADENIYI about her next step politically, passion for youths and new movie which is currently in the works, among other issues. Excerpts.

WHAT is happening with you currently?

A lot is happening currently. I am alive, I am real, that’s a whole lot happening and we are working on something that we hope will be out very soon. We are working on a film.

Can you tell us about the movie you are working on?

No let’s not kill the child before it’s born. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

Is it a cinema movie or home video?

Well, I am a graduate of New York Film Academy where I studied directing and film making so I shouldn’t do something that’s not up to standard.

But that was how you started

Well everybody shouldn’t remain what he or she is or used to be. We should aim to be better than what we were yesterday. I don’t want to continue being the same person I used to be. I want to be better tomorrow than today.

What about your political ambition?

Politics is something that never dies, but it is not really about political ambition for me. It’s a passion for the youths of Nigeria, it’s a wakeup call for the youths of Nigeria to know that there are a whole lot of things that we can do as youths. I put myself out there and decided to contest an election to be an eye-opener for a lot of people.

So, its not about the political office for me. There are a lot we can do, but it is unfortunate that the youths of today are the power of the nation but we don’t realise how much power we have, we are chasing what is not necessary. We are chastising one another, we are speaking ill of our nation when we have so much power in us.

Look at any organisation anywhere. You find out that the economic nerves of our nation falls within our youths. You find the most productive people in the youths, they are the ones working. So why can’t we transform that work and put it also in government, why can’t we instigate one another to come out and be a voice for something. It’s about the youths for me. It’s unfortunate that we keep recycling politicians that are there.

We are complaining they are not doing anything but we don’t have the right to complain when we are not part of the system. If you are part of the system no matter how small or how little you are starting from you are involved, there is no decision that can be taken, you will have a voice in it.

You can’t sit in a corner and complain nothing is ever going to get better and I am looking forward to a better Nigeria and I want to be a part of that decision making.

You recently blasted some of your colleagues who wanted to stage a protest…

No, I didn’t and cannot blast my colleagues for protesting but what I said was that protesting wasn’t enough. I didn’t say they should do not protest. Yes, the protest held and everybody went back home. Has anything changed? So, protest is not enough! We need to be involved, we need to go to beyond the bar, we need to go beyond carrying placard and we have to be part of the system.

We cannot decide to put our voice behind one person, we are powerful. We are the ones who have the strength to campaign, we are the ones who have the strength to go out there and make demand of what we want and it will happen if only we realise how much power we have.

But not everybody might be interested in politics; so how does a person who doesn’t have interest participate?

Yes, but they should be interested in supporting somebody, in putting their voices behind one person and say that ‘oh we believe in this person’ and gradually we will get there.

Are you saying you didn’t get support from your colleagues during the last election?

Of course I did. A lot of my colleagues are fantastic. Some of them travelled all the way to Ibadan to be part of my campaign and that means a lot to me.

So what is your next step politically?

I have always been an advocate of what will be, will be, which is what I believe in. Nobody knows tomorrow. I only know that I am here right now I don’t know where I will be in the next minute, so I don’t plan for tomorrow I just do what I want to do and live today for today.

Has politics in anyway affected your acting career?

No, it has not affected me in any way but instead it has opened my eyes wider and brought me close to a lot of people down there. Film making is about telling the stories of others. So, it’s an eye opener for me having been a part of this people and experienced them.

Politicians run late night meetings, how do you intend to merge this even as an actress?

Not just politicians keep late nights; there are businesses that keep you up at nights. Either you do late night meetings or an early morning meeting. Who you are is who you are. What’s essential is you having people you trust and they trust you in return; even if you are out for hundred years they know who you are.

So has this affected your relationship?

Not in anyway

2019 is around the corner; will you be going or the same seat you lost last elections?

Let’s leave everything in the hands of God. Don’t decide for tomorrow.

What would you change in the industry if you have the privilege?

Funding! A lot of people talk about how beautiful and how rich Hollywood and Bollywood films are, but do you know how much money their governments pump into their industry to make it better? We don’t have such here so we have to hail a lot of film makers because it is self sponsored here. You source for your fund and we can’t keep doing that. This is what I will change if I can.

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