DHQ warns Amnesty, others to stop meddling in Nigeria’s security affairs

THE Nigerian Defense Headquarters has warned international rights group, Amnesty International (AI) and other non-governmental organizations to desist from meddling in Nigeria’s security affairs.
Acting Director, Defense Information Brig.-Gen. Rabe Abubakar, in a statement in Abuja, said reports from AI showed that it never meant well for Nigeria.
AI criticized the military, accusing it of gross human rights abuses and extra-judicial killings in the Southeast and Northeast.
But Abubakar said the military maintained an open door policy and had been cooperating with stakeholders in ensuring that the armed forces remained one of the best and a proud institution for Nigerians.
Abubakar said: “Activities of AI in our nation have shown that AI never meant well for Nigeria and the situation is getting clearer to national and international communities what the AI is up to.
“This could be corroborated by inherent lopsidedness in the AI’s portrayal of Nigeria, its involvement in local politics and taking sides with terrorists and other belligerent groups to cause internal disorder, which no country can tolerate.
“The military in this new dispensation has maintained open door policy and has been cooperating with all stakeholders in ensuring that Nigerian Armed Forces remain one of the best and a proud institution for all Nigerians.
“For AI to be making spurious allegation, especially without substantiated and cogent reason, apart from those adduced by the AI itself for the reason best known to it and its collaborators, is disturbing and unethical of an international organization that is supposed to stay clear of local politics and to be seen as maintaining neutrality in its reportage of the countries it operates.”
The Defense spokesperson said incessant negative report on Nigeria and the armed forces by AI “was condemnable by well-meaning Nigerians who have seen and appreciated what the military and other security agencies did to decimate Boko Haram terrorists and contain criminal elements”.
He alleged AI actions in Nigeria would succeed in giving insight into the possibility of the organization sponsoring criminal gangs in achieving the sponsor’s intent.
Abubakar added: “As much as the military welcomes comments, criticisms and observations that could help the institution to grow higher for the interest of our nation, the activities of the AI, to say the least, is far from being noble.  Al has negative mission in Nigeria.  It is an agent of destabilization, masquerading as a reputable international NGO, which Nigerians must rise up to this daunting challenge of not giving it  the chance to truncate our hard earned democracy and unity.
“It does not operate like this in other nations of the world. Hence, the military once again condemns the activities of the AI and its affiliates in Nigeria. It is not until you write negative report about Nigeria before you are seen as working or justifying the huge amount you receive from international bodies.
“While the military and other security agencies remain focus in tackling the mirage of security problems in our nation, we urge our citizens, partners and international communities to continue to support Nigeria in its quest to free us from the hands of criminal elements, which AI and its cohorts are supporting.
“It is our conviction that, despite AI fanning the ember of disunity, hate and destabilization  in our land, Nigeria would continue to remain united, strong and prosperous to take her rightful place in the comity of nations.

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