Kim Kardashian Battles Serious Illness

Kim Kardashian is reportedly battling serious illness and her husband Kanye West “can’t handle it.” Rumor has it, Kim’s latest health scare is the reason behind Kanye’s recent meltdown and hospitalization.

“Kim is sick and she needs to face that and get strong. She hasn’t even told her friends about her illness yet. At this point, friends have heard she’s sick, but they’re in the dark and calling it her ‘mystery illness,’ ” a source tells InTouch Weekly. “Her friends have been calling her and stopping by and making sure that she’s OK, because between her illness and Kanye’s breakdown and even her own breakdown, she’s in terrible shape. [She] has severe fibroids.”

According to TheDirty.com founder Nik Richie, who claims to have knowledge of Kim’s diagnosis, Kanye’s recent meltdown “has nothing to do with Beyonce.” Nik claims, “Kanye is in his head right now because he believes he’s cursed. His wife got diagnosed with something really bad and Kanye can’t handle it. Everyone he loves, he loses.”

Other insiders shares details regarding Kanye’s hospitalization at UCLA Medical Center. The “Gold Digger” rapper allegedly told psychiatrists that he’s an alien. “When he first went to the psych ward, he was hearing voices,” an insider tells Life & Style Weekly. Another source adds, “He started telling people he’s a ‘starseed,’ an alien on a mission to help the Earth.”

According to L.A. psychologist Julie Armstrong who doesn’t treat Kanye, the “Fade” rapper could be suffering from schizoaffective disorder, which symptoms include hallucinations or delusions, along with depression or mania.

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