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See the Youngest Girl Ever Diagnosed With chest Cancer

Chrissy Turner, was diagnosed with chest cancer last year when she was only eight years old. Now, about a year later, Chrissy is in remission — as of earlier this year — and she is doing remarkably well. In fact, while the young girl is typically shy and quiet, she’s decided to step out of her comfort zone and speak at an October event in honor of chest Cancer Awareness Month. Talk about a brave girl!

“It’s important to be aware of your body no matter what age you are,” Chrissy told People magazine. “If you ever find a lump, don’t wait. You should go to a doctor have it looked at.” Chrissy, who hails from Utah, will courageously be one of the keynote speakers at The Pink Frog Foundation’s fifth annual gala in Atlanta on Oct. 7. The event honors chest cancer survivors.

“She’s nervous, but it’s important to her, and I’ll be standing right beside her the whole time,” Chrissy’s mom, Annette Turner, 44, a cervical cancer survivor, revealed to the publication. “After the challenges she’s faced at such a young age, she knows there is nothing she can’t do.” Her father, Troy Turner, 44, added, “For her young age, Chrissy has an incredible willingness to bring about more awareness and hope to others.”


Chrissy found out she had chest cancer after noticing a hard lump under her right bosom that was painful to touch. “Mama,” she asked Annette at the time, “what’s this?” And that question turned out to save her life — that and the persistence of her father, who had gone through treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2008, and her mother.

Annette ended up ignoring the doctor’s recommendation to put her daughter on antibiotics and instead insisted that she get an ultrasound. The entire family was shocked to learn that Chrissy had secretory chest carcinoma, which is a rare type of cancer afflicting one person in a million.

After her heartbreaking diagnosis, Chrissy told her parents that she wanted to do “whatever it takes to get better.” And with that, the young girl underwent a mastectomy in December 2015. She currently receives a chest scan every three months.

“So far, she’s doing really well,” Annette said. “Other than having a few emotional days. She’s started developing a little bit on her left side, so at some point she’ll need reconstructive surgery, probably when she’s 11 or 12. But Chrissy is happy and always tries to see the silver lining: She’s healthy and back playing and enjoying school and her friends.”

Talk about an amazing young person! Chrissy is truly an inspiration to us all. “Life is good and far too short,” she said. “I love spending time with my family and there is nothing more important to me, especially now.”


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