PDP National Convention: Why my heart bleeds for Nigeria – Omotunlese

– PDP National Convention fails to leave up to expectation

– Court rules Ali Modu Sheriff remains sacked as the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

– Omotunlese writes on why the former ruling party is set for political obscurity

The need for a viable opposition in any democracy is the hallmark of politics. It is a bad omen to see any political setting turned into a one-party state.

In a good number of countries which practise democracy, the parties which slug it out to control such countries are at least two. The importance of this is that the citizens will not be left between the devil and the deep blue sea; if a single political party governs a country for donkey years, the populace will continue to bear whatever such political party brings upon them in terms of policies, even if they are austerity measures.

Currently, some political observers who are watching the unfolding drama in the PDP are not happy for some reasons. They have the fear that the type of stiff opposition former president Goodluck Jonathan received when he led the country is out-rightly missing in the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. This is just because the type of opposition the once-upon largest Africa political party is providing is nothing to write home about.

The poor masses in Nigeria cry everyday due to absence of dividends of democracy. It is not in the best interest of Nigerians if there is no opposition party to checkmate the excesses of the governing party. This is because this will keep the governing party on its toes to be alive to its responsibilities.

A concerned Nigerian by the name Gbenga Omotunlese writes some short statements regarding why the botched PDP National Convention will not do the political future of Nigeria any good.

Below is the write up of the Nigerian who has the interest of the country at hand:

I feel so sad the way Nigeria’s political system is going. The PDP which ought to tell Nigerians the candid truth about how the country is being presently, is in comatose.

It is the duty of the opposition party to criticise the All Progressives Congress (APC) wherever it errs. However, the present PDP is at slumber. It does not have a creditable media team to engage the APC in the way it is leading the country.

When the PDP tried picking its national chairman a few months back at Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital, there was so much talk about who will become the new person in charge. Prior to this time, Former Borno state governor Ali Modu Sheriff was chosen in a controversial manner to temporarily lead the party. As time rolled by, Sheriff never wanted to leave the position. He wanted to perpetuate himself before former Kaduna state governor Ahmed Makarfi was drafted in and selected as the chairman of the PDP caretaker committee to see to the emergence of a new national chairman.

As of present, the PDP convention of a few days ago was embroiled in court cases making the party to be seen as dead and buried.

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