Oyo Plans To Restructure 105,000 Workforce

The Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi has debunked the rumours flying around that his administration his planning mass retrenchment of its workers saying it is only restructuring 105,000 of its workforce to enhance productivity.

The governor who made the clarification yesterday at the state capital said many workers are not-productive and that the exercise is needed to move the state forward by placing each worker where he or she would be more productive.

“You know we have three types of workers. We have workers, who have the expertise and are ready to work. We have those without expertise, but are ready to learn and work. We also have those who don’t have the expertise and are not ready to work or learn.

“We want to ensure that every worker has something doing and doing well for government to justify his or her salary. Today, we need to drive our revenue to be self-sufficient,” he said.

Ajimobi added that the government aim to strengthen its educational system through the planned restructuring, because development is knowledge-based and there is need for the development of students from the state to be able to compete around the globe.

The governor however, appealed to the workers to always embrace dialogue, saying the last strike drew the state backward. He also solicited for their support for the growth of the state in the face of the economic downturn, saying his administration will continue to give its best.

“We told them all that is available to pay salaries, but they did not believe us. They embarked on the strike based on speculations that we were not sincere. Today, we have shown all to them and now they have seen that we are sincere and transparent on all we have told them.

“I pray that God rewards me based on my action towards the workers. If I lied to them, God will reward me and if I am sincere to them, God should continue to answer their prayers for me,” he added.

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