Crisis rocking Ijaw youths deepens

The crisis rocking the umbrella body of Ijaw youths, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Worldwide, has deepened following a suit seeking to stop Mr. Udengs Eradiri from parading himself as the President of the council.
The suit which was filed at the Bayelsa State High Court by aggrieved members of the executive council of IYC is asking the court to grant an interlocutory injunction stopping Eradiri and Mr. Eric Omare, from parading themselves as the President and Spokesman of the council.

The claimants relied on a purported national convention of the IYC held on June 16, 2016, in Rivers State where they claimed that Eradiri and Omare, were removed from their offices.

According to them Mr. Elvis Donkemezuo and Mr. Mike Edonkumor were reportedly nominated and elected the president and spokesman of the council respectively.
Donkemezuo who admitted filling the suit also reacted to an interview Eradiri granted the Nation where he referred to him as an impersonator and a non-member of IYC for failing to pay his dues.

Eradiri also said Donkemezuo would soon be arrested for impersonation adding that based on the judgement of the state High Court, he (Eradiri) would remain the President till 2017.

But Donkemezuo said Eradiri was suspended by seven out of the 10-member executive council of IYC over allegations of misappropriation of funds, abuse of office and highhandedness.

He said a panel which was headed by the council’s Legal Adviser later indicted Eradiri and removed him from office.

He claimed that a convention of Ijaw youths held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, ratified the removal of Eradiri and immediately elected him to become the President of the council.

He said: “I was absent at the convention, but the convention unanimously nominated and elected me in absentia as the President of IYC because of my integrity and my background.

“Upon my arrival, I accepted, but ever since then, Udengs has has been parading himself as the President, despite the fact that he knows the law. When somebody is removed, he should go to the court and challenge your removal.

“Instead of him to go to court. He said he said I was impersonating him. How can I be impersonating him. I am from Kolokuma-Opokuma Local Government of Bayelsa state.

“It is the local government of Ijaw icon, late Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. Boro was my cousin from my lineage. So, I don’t know between me and Udengs who is even more an Ijaw man”.

He said the court judgement that said Eradiri’s tenure would end in 2017 did not foreclose his removal by indictment.

He faulted the claims that he was not a member of IYC because he failed to pay his dues saying there was no time the payment of dues was a constitutional provision for being an IYC member.

Donkemezue further said the constitution Eradiri was relying upon had not been adopted by the congress.
He said: “There was never a time payment of dues was a constitutional requirement or a yardstick for becoming a member of IYC. Eradiri is traveling with a purported constitution, he cooked in his bedroom and want to impose it on Ijaw youths. But Ijaw youths are smarter than he is and they told him that, that constitution had not been adopted.

“The chairman of that purported constitution review committee, Nengi James is still alive. If you ask Nengi any day any time Nengi will tell you that, that constitution is inconclusive. So, I don’t know where Eradiri is coming from with all these stories”.

He said Eradiri had no right to claim the title of Presidency adding that the agreement reached in 2013 was that he would be a caretaker chairman of IYC.

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