Lagos to use waste from abattoirs to create electricity

The Lagos State government is planning an innovative project to convert waste from the abattoirs.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Shakirudeen Olayiwole Onasanya announced this at a one day workshop on food safety in the Nigerian meat industry in Lagos. The workshop was organised by the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) in collaboration with the Animal Science Association of Nigeria.

He spoke through the Director, Veterinary Service, Dr Shamisudeen Olalekan.

Consequently, new abattoirs may have biogas producing facilities to disseminate cheap and relatively clean energy throughout the facilities.

This is expected to improve waste management at the abattoir.

He highlighted the challenge of managing waste, stressed that the government is taking steps to improve sanitary control in slaughtering, processing and commercialisation of meat at Oko-Oba Abattoir in Agege to prevent food safety risks.

He said Lagos has one approved abattoir, eight approved slaughter slabs and more than 15 illegal slaughtering slabs including slaughtering facilities located within the military barracks.

He said over 6000 cattle, 10,000 sheep and goat are slaughtered daily.

The chaotic situation has caused serious problems related to food hygiene and safety.

Despite having investing modern slaughterhouses, he said the state is still struggling to compete with illegal abattoirs.

Onasanya said the government will suspend the operation of slaughterhouses that do not meet food safety and hygiene requirements, tighten control over veterinary and environmental hygiene and food safety in small slaughterhouses, and to strictly deal with violations as per the law.

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