Omisore disowns PDP emissaries to Ooni Femi Makinde, Osogbo



The embattled former Deputy Governor of Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore, has distanced himself from the Peoples Democratic Party emissaries led by the Chairman of the party in Osun State, Mr. Soji Adagunodo to the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi.

Adagunodo, who was in an opposing camp to Omisore’s had led some members of the party to the palace of Oba Ogunwusi and pleaded with the monarch to forgive Omisore who has yet to visit the Ooni seven months after he was enthroned as the Ife monarch.

They also asked the monarch to assist Omisore, who is his subject to get out of the detention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

But a close ally of Omisore, who is also the spokesperson for the party in the state, Mr. Diran Odeyemi, in a statement on Sunday said Adagunodo’s action was tantamount to a mockery and a pretence.

Odeyemi stated, “When EFCC came after Omisore, it is logical to assume that Adagunodo group will be happy that their “enemy” is now out of the scene and away from their sight.

“It is also likely that the open display of sympathy and latter-day affection may not be genuine. How can we explain the sudden love for a man you so much hate while in freedom? Their actions and utterances may be “Oju aye” (eye service.)”

The statement added, “In their attempt to register the group as supportive of the man they despise, they started crying more than the bereaved, running around to nowhere and with no justifiable reasons for their actions and utterances.

“In Omisore’s case, they cannot be a good advocate to defend his course. It is bias and double standard. For Adagunodo, it is a dangerous game. Head or tail, his intention can never stand the test of absolute sincerity.

“Why going from pillar to post over a sensitive matter still under investigation? You can only plead when confronted with evidences of guilt not prior. This is why Adagunodo’s plea to the Ooni of Ife on behalf of Omisore is a strange strategy that can be viewed as a further attempt to nail Omisore by his enemy posing as his friend.

“One may also be right if you call it a “back door political coup” to dent Omisore’s image. It is a mockery visit for a bad mission under pretence.”

Odeyemi said although the Ooni did not give the PDP chairman and his followers the normal respect he always accord his valued guest, he stated that the monarch used the opportunity to vent his anger on Omisore,

He said, “Oba Ogunwusi was presented a veritable opportunity to stylishly vent out his subtle anger on Omisore. Kabiyesi in his wisdom complained of not being visited by Omisore. His prayer for Omisore is loaded and more or less sounded neutrality in his matter. It is normal and expected. Kabiyesi scored a good goal from a loose ball passed to him by Adagunodo’s group.”

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