Why my record label is ‘falling apart’ – Sound Sultan


Talented Nigerian music artist Olanrewaju Fasasi popularly known as, Sound Sultan whose new video Hello Baale has been rocking all music Television stations is one of Nigeria’s best act. Aside been a singer he is also a rapper, songwriter, actor, comedian and also a record label owner. In a brief interview with our reporters the proud father speaks on his new video, his record label and his decision to join the One Africa Music Concert.

Your new video Hello Baale has gotten a lot of reception from fans, how do you feel?

(Laughs) That song is like six years old and I brought it back to life with video. The song was released on my album ‘Back from the Future’, so anybody that can think deep will understand that I came through 2016 in 2010 to make a song but when I sold it to you in 2010, you didn’t like it and then I said I will wait for you in the future so you all can gravitate towards it and understand it. That is how my music is and here it is; everyone likes it in 2016 (in the future).

Your record label Naija Ninjas is not as vibrant as it used to be, why?

At Naija Ninjas, I just feel that everybody have the time. For my artistes, everybody is working really hard especially my new artistes, Cam or Blaka. Blaka has a new video out featuring Iyanya and a young girl and it is a very wonderful video but I have something in the work that I don’t want to disclose yet that people will find out much later. Of course, our music production was wonderful. It’s sold and we must say that we made money from our music.

People are of the opinion that you are not pushing the brand as you ought to, what can you say about it?

First, I want you to understand that the label is more of an incubator but by the time we get the full service of what we are trying to work on, you would have forgotten that you were dancing to Sound Sultan. Most of the artistes I’m grooming now, I don’t want to start making noise about them instead, let your work speak for you because that is what I usually tell people. It is very delicate for the interviewer to say ‘ha I don’t know when I said so, so and so’. You have to go sieve information because if you have your DJ playing 120 songs per minute, you will never hear my music, that’s what I will say. You need to on your own make researches and for I cannot overstretch the emphasis on the fact that you already know that music is one dimensional in Nigeria right now.

Why did you decide to be part of the One Africa Music Fest concert?

I decided to be part of the concert because I’m not a hater. I like working for money and again, I’m an African and I’m proud. Over the years, I have been dreaming and fantasizing about this kind of thing forever. The first time I performed in the States was somewhere in Manhattan; they call it Soubise, I will like people to go and Google this Soubise and you will find out the best performers in the world, you will not find any of them not on that list of people that have performed in that place. This form of concert is something I have been craving for and I’m glad we have one now.

How do you like performances, Live Music or the DJ mix?

I am a lover of live music performance because through that you appreciate the artiste handling the microphone so much, besides my love for live music cannot be measured; it makes you loosen up and connect to the audience much better than when you do the regular DJ Mix.

Your kind of music is usually timeless, how have you been able to achieve that?

It all boils down to God’s blessings and favour over me and my career in the past years and now. If I say I can explain how I have been able to do it, it is all lies. Allah has been very wonderful to me.

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