Odunowo Opinion

By Odunowo

The idea of provision of LCDAS is a good and welcoming thing, it should provide better management of the State and development in more areas however the process and criteria needs to be understood and explained to the people, so that they can understand. Is it population? or Area,? Or number of wards etc. “As the State is already financially strapped, and this will further put a burden on its resources”. In area of administration, I will advise our people to be patient and be watching as the Governor of the State must have something wonderful in mind that he plans to do.


Odunowo Opinion 2

By Adetomiwa:

To me, I think this is creation of bureaucracy that will further impede business growth in Ogun State. How many local government ticket will ‘okada’ man have to obtain daily in order to move passengers round the city in the State? Those hungry LCDA ‘agbero’ will be chasing market women with additional tickets, taxes and fees. But, if the incumbent government of the State can consider this new idea from another angle, and add some other facilities to it, I think it’s a good policy.


Odunowo Opinion 3

By Tope Omotayo:

I have read through and I am pointing out my opinion. Though the idea is beautiful and fantastic, it is okay for the development of the grassroot. But my major problem and the argument is the implementation. It may be difficult for us to implement it properly. As a social scientist, if you take ‘okada’ from Ibadan garage for instance in Ijebu-Ode, the ‘okada’ rider will tell you that I would not goin to ‘Imowo Eleran’ because it’s another local government; so how are we going to solve such problem? it will affect some businesses in the State. And the problem still remain on the implementation. Sincerely, the idea of the Governor is good and with the policy of us, I think we should rely on it for now; it is the implementation that I am afraid off; until a short is taken, you cannot say either it’s good or not, I am sure the government will provide the necessary things to make it perfect.


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