How do you feel being elected as the Deputy Governor of this State?

Being elected as the Deputy Governor of Ogun State is something I have welcomed because it is a call to serve my State. Usually, women are always marginalised but if you look back, His Excellency Senator Ibikunle Amosun had always wanted a woman as his running mate as far back as 2011, and now that a woman has been nominated and elected, I am so glad to represent the women folk. I have come to assist His Excellency in achieving the programs he has for this state and in his bid to continue his mission to rebuild Ogun State, I am very delighted to be part of his team in achieving his goals for Ogun State.


Recently there seems to be improvement on waste management and control in Ogun State, what is the magic behind this?

As the Bible says, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, a State that is dirty shouldn’t be called a State and the leader that is there should be responsible for whatever happens in that State. Recently, you will see that in the drive to ensure that Ogun State is clean, if you look around in the past, people have been lawless in the way they dump refuse allover and you will see the infrastructural development in the State in the last four years even though some of them are yet to be completed but the ones that have been completed are not being show case very well because of the dirt people put on them. It is high time we started making sure that these people now do according to what the government wants. For instance, we need to sensitise them on how to dispose their waste, most of them especially in the Ogun East, keep refuse in their homes which at times, you know what that causes, lots of diseases, sicknesses and we cannot afford to be taking 50% of the people to the hospital, that is why we have to drive in and ensure zero tolerance to dirt all around the State and I am happy to tell you now that people have really complied. The fear of Amosun is the beginning of cleanliness in Ogun State right now, so I am happy the way they have responded to the call to ensure the environment is clean.


We want to know what the government is doing in promoting unity and peace among the four divisions i.e Egba, Ijebu, Remo and Yewa-Awori that make up Ogun State?

There had always been peace among the four divisions in Ogun State, even though some will feel that they are more inferior or superior to the other while others feel they are being sidelined but the unity is still there. This is because all our traditional rulers have come together as one, the government of Ogun State is not left behind in ensuring unity. There is always the Obas Council meeting all the time, and that is one of the ways you can bring unity into the system and this has been on for so many years. The government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun has gone ahead to promote unity by ensuring that all our Obas are visited from time to time. He has familiarized himself with all the divisions in Ogun State. So in terms of unity and peace, I can assure you we have 99% compliance.


As the Deputy Governor, in what capacity would you think the government is supporting Ojude Oba in developing Ogun State?

I will tell you categorically that I am from Ijebu especially Ijebu-Ode and I have been married to one of their sons for the past 31 years. I have been privileged to be attending Ojude Oba since the past 31years if not more and from time immemorial, the Governor has always taken part in the Ojude Oba Festival. Kabiyesi, the Awujale of Ijebuland had always ensure that the Government in power at any time is carried along to support Ojude Oba. Now talking about the last four years, His Excellency has not missed any Ojude Oba Festival and I have always been a witness to that. I have always been attending, at least for the past four years with him and I have always seen that there is always a role to be played during that Festival. Ojude Oba Festival is a time that all the sons and daughters of Ijebuland are brought together and they always look forward to that Festival and they attend enmass.


We heard of your Humanitarian services and welfare packages to the accidents victims, what actually motivated you to this rescue mission?

I must let you know that it is not because I am the Deputy Governor of Ogun State that I stopped by to attend to accident victims and all that I have always have passion to assist people that are in need, not only accident victims but those that need the assistance at a particular time. It is just that you have only noticed that I have stopped by to assist accident victims. I will always do that and I have the passion for humanitarian services. I have an NGO that I run before I became the Deputy Governor whereby I take up ‘Girl Child’ on the street. Those that are less privileged and those abandoned, street children and so on. But for me to stop my convoy to assist somebody who is helpless, who is about to die, I think I should not close my eyes and just drive my vehicle away. It is my duty as the Deputy Governor but more so, it is my passion and I don’t think I will ever desist from doing it.


We want to know, in what capacity is the Amosun – led administration trying to stop corruption in Ogun State?

Before President Muhammadu Buhari started the anti-corruption campaign, Ogun State has always been on the look of corrupt people. I will take His Excellency as a role model. He is one of those leaders that is totally against corruption. Lets look at the issues of several Bank Accounts opened by some States or other government ministries and so on, Ogun State has always maintained one single account and for the start , that is a way of fighting against corruption and that will ensure that people don’t use those several accounts to perpetrate evil. Now some weeks back, the Nigerian Labour Congress came on air in all the 36 States to support anti-corruption and they raised a campaign in support of zero tolerance to corruption, this is to say that everybody is being carried along. Ogun State wasn’t an exemption during that campaign and I was even with them that day with His Excellency pronounced that anybody caught in doing any corrupt practices should be jailed. He didn’t advocate that such person be killed but to be jailed which I also support, if the name of a big family is brought out to be jailed because of corruption, that family has died naturally. So we will now see that people will want to protect their names, integrity and all sorts. Corruption is a thing that all of us must avoid, we must preach to people to stop their corrupt ways, in any case the Federal Government will not allow that right now.


What is your goodwill message to your people especially the people of Ijebu?

I want to first of all thank them for accepting me as their Deputy Governor and I want to say that this time around that I am their Deputy Governor, I am going to do well for them in the corporate support of Governor Ibikunle Amosun and I am going to carry the whole of Ogun State along especially the women folk. Concerning Ijebu people and the coming Ileya and Ojude Oba Festival, it is a time that they always look forward to. All I can tell them is that they should have a peaceful and enjoyable period, they should ensure that they desist from anything that will bring any sort of fight or whatever. They have always been peaceful and I want to say that they should make sure that they do things in moderation we should not be too exorbitant in our ways. Those who have should give those who do not have and I wish them many more of this Festive period in Jesus Name.

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