Amosun’s Commitment On Infrastructure Upgrade Is Incomparable – Onakoya

Recently, Otunba Babatunde Onakoya popularly known as DEBASCO spoke‎ with our correspondent in Lagos on the economic importance of the array of developmental projects undertaken by Ogun State Government under the stewardship of Governor Ibikunle Amosun.

While recalling bad experiences attached to some administrations years back, he said, “We could see clearly then that the level of operation of banks was very low due to the robbery that was very rampant, not forgetting numerous riots that were usually caused by students in some institutions, which have been curbed and never repeat itself since inception of Governor Amosun’s administration.‎

“Having solved numerous challenges confronting his administration in area of the Security, Social Development, Health, Education, among others. But, the administration in some sectors, still facing challenges for which I believe, will soon be conquered.

“There is no way you can win the hearts of everyone in politics and governance, but, Governor Amosun is working hard to change the face of governance in the state, despite a very poor allocation from the Federal Government. In spite of that the governor still provides basic social amenities as expected by the populace.

“I am quite sure that in some years to come, people will see Ogun State as one of the best States in the country with what Amosun is implementing in the four regions of the State.”‎

He added that those that argued that Governor Amosun seized the opportunity of the Ogun State 40th anniversary to celebrate his achievements may be justifiable, but the question is, What else do they expect?. If you are in a position, wouldn’t use the opportunity to let people celebrate your achievements with you?”‎

Onakoya noted that people can’t live meaningfully well without an enabling environment, it is an enabling environment provided by Governor Amosun’s administration that allows the people to contribute their best and live to the best of their capacities. When the environment exerts enormous influence on the people, the people equally exert considerable influence on their environment, this is because the environment exists to make the people.

He further explained that, what we are seeing today in Abeokuta, Sagamu, particularly the bridge at Mobalufon express in Ijebu-Ode is obvious enough for the people to see that there is development in the State, adding that Amosun governments’ achievements are quite incomparable.

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