“STOP BEING FETISH”, ABIARA WARNS CHRISTIANS …says Buhari ‘ll still change Nigeria for better‎ – Oluseun Oduneye

Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara, General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide has seriously warned Christians all over the country to stop being fetish and rely on Almighty God for any supports whatsoever required, asking the Christians to believe in Jesus Christ.   ‎

The Prophet made this known recently in Ijebu-Ode while ministering at a four-day revival organised by the Christ Apostolic Church Osinubi to celebrate the annual glorious anniversary of the First District Coordinating Council which was concluded recently.
During his ministration, series of signs and wonders with great testimonies were recorded, despite the fact that Prophet Abiara’s theme focused on the Power of Resurrection, tagged, “Jesus is Alive”.  He noted that “some prophets and our spiritual fathers died, and they did not resurrect, but Jesus died and he resurrected which proclaimed Jesus to be a true living God; Jesus fought and won the battle, His purpose is to save our souls so that we can have salvation through Him.” 

Prophet Abiara commended and appreciated the good works of the incumbent Governor of the State, Sen. Ibikunle Amosun and also that of President Buhari, particularly on his effort to solve challenges confronting the nation presently. 

He said in his word that “I am using this period of resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ to pray for Nigeria, because through prayers and spiritual supports, Nigeria will move forward”

In this one week revival programme, Prophet Abiara  urged Nigerians to be more patient with the present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari on the ongoing challenges. He said, “I’m assuring you that Buhari will bring positive changes to this nation, he has promised, and he will definitely fulfill it, I therefore declare peace on Nigeria today, this country shall be great.

“We all need to pray for Mr. President, we are here today to pray for Nigeria, the Awujale of Ijebuland and others, particularly Ijebu indigenes in the diaspora, and all Christians in Ogun State. 

Abiara used the medium to implore the present administration to use the recovered stolen money, particularly in the area of employment to our youths and in the other sectors for the betterment of the nation. ‎

He added, “this is a nation that is filled with milk and honey, it is mismanagement that led us to this situation. This is the last opportunity given to the nation to accept Christ as their saviour, your money, educational qualification and all other treasures can never save you, this can be seen in Mark 16: 16-19. 

If you’re an armed robber, this is time for you to give your life to Jesus Christ, because if you continue  without repenting, you will regret it, stop relying on charms and other spiritual back-ups.

“As the Bible says, “shall we abide in sin and expect the grace of God to abound?”. Be generous! Allow people to share out of your properties, give your life to God with all what you have, God can never allow bad dreams, financial challenges to come to your way in life. 

You don’t need a prophet, candle and other irrelevant things for healing, God has given you the opportunity and authority for your prayer to be answered, for the Bible says, “whatever thing you ask in my name, I will answer you” 

In conclusion, the Prophet challenged all Christians to continue with their unlimited appreciation to God, adding that Christians needed to have the heart of forgiveness. 

“When you forgive and forget, that is the solution to your problems and your father in heaven will forgive you too”. He stressed that only those who have victory over sins and those that can give to God are the real candidates of heaven.

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