Ogun 2019 governorship candidate should come from the west- Iyabo Anisulowo

Our research has revealed that there is a  rumour roaming around the regions in Ogun State on where the next governorship candidate in 2019 should come from.
The recent interview conducted with Sen. Iyabo Anisulowo revealed her passion to on the next governorship candidate in Ogun coming 2019. She pointed out that “ I am going into the governorship post because we have struggled so hard for Yewa /Awori people to govern the State. “ If we have four legs, three legs have already governed many things, two legs have governed many; many times and the other leg hasn’t governed. So what is wrong with us governing?”.
But the problem we have is the lack of unity among us. She commended the efforts laid by the incumbent Governor of Ogun State, Sen. Amosun “I see him as somebody who has a vision, who wants to just change things overnight and really, this does not go down well with so many people. But for me, I see part of my life in his life, He is a courageous man”. Though, there was so much that didn’t yield results from our side and some people have reasons to say that the pace of work in the other two senatorial districts are not being enjoyed by us, in our senatorial district, Ogun West, for me, if we had done the road linking Aiyetoro to Imeko and going from there to Ilase, if this road is the only road that he has done, I would have said he has opened doors to industrialization.

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